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Get cool 40 Degree

Get your stress degree below 40

Get cool 40 Degree0
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wuki 7wuki 7141,465
12 Jan 2011
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Answer enough questions for level to fall below 40%. I got 75% and the level was 41. .
SneakyStabbalotThere is a glitch. If you get this, but you have got the "Get cool 60 degree" cheevo yet, the '40' cheevo pops, but not the '60' cheevo. Which seems pretty messed up to me :(
Posted by SneakyStabbalot on 19 Jan 11 at 16:53
wuki 7yes i have the get cool 60 degree
Posted by wuki 7 on 19 Jan 11 at 19:51
SaltyTONGlitch, I got 24% at the first try and only have the below 40 achievement.
Posted by SaltyTON on 15 May 11 at 16:08
QuickMythrilit seems if you get two achievements at once, only the "better" one pops. make sure you do not get less than 40 on your first stress test. if you do you will have to uninstall and reinstall the game to reset your progress save data to get
Brain Challenge HD (WP)Get cool 60 DegreeThe Get cool 60 Degree achievement in Brain Challenge HD (WP) worth 22 pointsGet your stress degree below 60
Posted by QuickMythril on 21 Jun 13 at 01:21