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Caprakan Defeated

Defeat Caprakan

Caprakan Defeated0
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16 Jan 2011
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This is the first boss, found in the Moccoi Ruins- Great Temple.

After the cutscene, run to one of the sides (the furthest from the boss), past the bars, and throw rocks at him (LB+X) to get his attention. You can easily avoid his attacks by running and jumping. Once he comes over to you, command the Majin to use his wind power (RB+X), and he will knock the boss to the floor. Jump down to him, and continue to attack his mask until he gets up and goes back to the ceiling. Climb up the ladder and go to one of the sides again, throw the rocks, and knock him down. If you are quick enough to destroy his mask, it should only take you two times of knocking him off the ceiling.

After the cut scene, you and the Majin will be on the ground to battle. Command him to attack the boss, and attack with him. When the boss rears up on his hind legs and the Majin says, "That one dizzy. I think it fall down with wind power." have him use his wind power. Proceed to have the Majin pick up the large object and attack the boss's glowing red spot. After that attack, just keep attacking him as normal. When he starts to glow golden, keep attacking and he should stop, without unleashing a belly flop on you. When he lifts up one leg, have the Majin use his wind power. After the boss falls, have the Majin pick up the object and attack with it. You should then be able to unleash a final B attack, and the fight is over.