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Win a full contest in Track & Field (Champion difficulty)

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With such a high TA ratio this achievement looks pretty intimidating, but with a little practice and patience this achievement is very obtainable. As a precursor for this solution I found out after going for this achievement that the track and field mini games are only the individual events and lets you just practice these.

Anyways lets get down to business

This one comes down to your start and finish. If you keep high knees throughout you will finish in the top four. The better your running form is the better you'll do. Luckily this is your first event and if you don't get a boost start you can just restart. To get a boost start you need to start low when and stay low as if you were actually running in the 100m dash. I've also noticed that you can start running before they the gun goes off. I haven't been able to get a boost from doing this but it is close to the same thing. If you false start they just make you start again so it is worth a try. At the end you just need to lean forward like you would at the end of a normal 100m dash. If you lean too soon it slows you down so don't do it to early.

From KDiamond1973
As for both running events. After "Ready" command you will hear 3 loud heartbeats. Start to run 0.5 sec after the 3rd one - that won't be counted as a faltstart and you'll gain a tremendous advantage against the opponents. If you won't screw the running itself afterward you'll easily win both races.

I've finished in 4th through 1st with this method. Anywhere in this area your scores are going to be really close and as long as your close in this event you will do fine. I've found that discuss and long jump have the easiest scores to take advantage of the rest of the competition.

This event is hard to finish first (for me) but I'm always in the top 3. I've looked at many videos and guides for this (trying to get circuit breaker *pulls hair out*) and I've found out that throwing it underhand or how you would normally throw a javelin work decent, the sure fire way to go is to by getting a decent running start and then as if your arm actually was the javelin throw a devastating punch. Your arm should be 45 to 65 degrees because any higher or lower you are taking away from the most powerful angles. Throwing in the 110s to 120 will get you in the top 4 which will keep you in the running.

I've noticed that there isn't just one computer player out to get you like in most other games so even if you finish in the top 3 in each of these events you could find yourself in first place.

Long Jump:
This is my favorite event. You use the same running technique as in the sprint and javelin. High controlled knees. This event is all about the timing. You have about 1.5 seconds after the area turns green that you can jump. If you wait until the very end to jump you can easily jump in the 14s. This is where the mini game practice helped me a lot. The windmill technique will also help you out but I found it hard to not do this. I would run, wait til the end, jump do one swing with my arms forward, and land on my butt like they do in the game. You stay in the air longer if you land on your butt and I think this is why it is my favorite because I can be a goon about video games.

This is where I shoot forward in the competition because the other computers are in the 12s at the highest and that gives them 120 points. You scoring 140+ will put you in the lead for sure even if you had mediocre first two event. All you have to do now is hang on.

This event can be tricky to do outstanding in, but even if you do just average you will be in good standings. One thing that throws a lot of people off is their back swings. If you go too far and rotate your body you will accidentally throw it sometimes only going 40 or even 4 meters. If you make a line with your arms 45 and -45 with your arm towards the TV up, this will give you a good idea of where you will be throwing. Your arm should stay along that path while you throw. A controlled arm back and a steady fast arm forward will put in the in 80+ range easily. I've spun after throwing and put a little jump into it too but it doesn't seem to help me any more. The highest that you'll see in this is mid 80s so if you can get a great throw higher than that you'll be in awesome position.

The last event. This is where I started to get worried. No need to panic! There are a lot of areas to cut off time. I found that if you start early like in the sprint event this helps better than the boost. Unlike the long jump you want to jump AS SOON as the hurdle turns green. You don't have to jump high and as soon as you jump if you start running before you land you will keep your speed that you had before. Don't hesitate otherwise they WILL catch you. At the end it is very important to lean to get that boost. And as always high controlled knees is important and a must for speed. If you finish in the top 4 or even 6 with a small lead you can pull out a victory. The hurdles are scored a lot closer than the other events so even if you get beat by what you think is a lot, it is a lot closer than it appears.

I finished with 605 and didn't do that great in any events except for long jump where I jumped 14.27. The javelin I threw 115 and the discuss 84 something. The sprint I got second and the hurdles I got third in. You don't have to be in any sort of real shape for this, but it does help in the sprints and hurdles because you can get tired. I am a runner and have been sprinting for some time and it was still difficult for me to do more than two whole competitions at one time so when you give it a go.. Bring your A game! Good luck to everyone and I hope this helps!
Wait4MyKick Vote up! All of the solutions used together are good but this is definitely the best one. Not that hard with some experience.
Posted by Wait4MyKick on 14 Aug 12 at 15:44
Saft Und Kraft the discuss won't go at all
Posted by Saft Und Kraft on 31 Jan 13 at 17:12
NickHawkeye Yeah same here no matter how I angle, crouch and throw I can't set the disc to go past 50mangry
Posted by NickHawkeye on 22 Apr 15 at 03:04
Weasel Pizza Idk if this will help or not, but I remember that I started sideways. "Throw" it fast, but not crazy fast. The discus is definitely the most janky of all the games mechanics.. Just need that one good throw.
Posted by Weasel Pizza on 22 Apr 15 at 04:36
KDiamond1973 As for both running events. After "Ready" command you will hear 3 loud heartbeats. Start to run 0.5 sec after the 3rd one - that won't be counted as a faltstart and you'll gain a tremendous advantage against the opponents. If you won't screw the running itself afterward you'll easily win both races.
Posted by KDiamond1973 on 22 Apr 15 at 06:45
Weasel Pizza ^ That's a more clear explanation of what I was trying to say. I'm going to add that to the actual solution.
Posted by Weasel Pizza on 22 Apr 15 at 07:27
Falcon12727 I'm having a hard time understanding your solution to the discus. I'm currently getting in the upper 40s lower 50s. After grabbing the discus, our arm is extended at 45 degrees below the shoulder, and then we fast throw it at 45 degrees above the shoulder?
Just to let you know my average placement is 1st, 3rd, 1st, 8th, and 1st. And my final is 7th so apparently Discus is really weighted in the overall scoring calculations.
Posted by Falcon12727 on 18 Aug 15 at 19:15
Weasel Pizza So once you grab the discus, turn sideways like you were about to hit a golf ball. Keep your arm towards the right of the Kinect like it was when you first grabbed the discus. Then bring it back to your side where it will be at that -45 then bring it forward
towards the Kinect while going up fast but controlled ending at the 45 up. You'll want to rotate your body while doing this as well. Honestly watching someone throw the discus on YouTube should help understand what I mean a little better as well.
Posted by Weasel Pizza on 19 Aug 15 at 16:28
Falcon12727 Ok I managed to finally get this. Using your method I was still getting in the the 50s. So I did some technique modifications of my own. Beware it requires some physical stretching.

Anyway, I positioned myself as close to the kinect as possible (just before it tells me to move backwards). And dead center of the middle lens. I grab the disc with my right hand and carefully extend my right as far back directly behind my left foot as possible. I do not move my left foot at all during this entire event and it stays pointed at the kinect.

So I'm basically in a split position with my right foot pointing right. I'm now carefully leaning my back as close to my right foot as possible (right knee bent) and right arm extended directly opposite of the kinect sensor and touching the ground.

So here's the fun part. I use my right foot as a spring and launch myself forward while rotating my body and throwing my arm around at an upward 45 degree angle as you mentioned. My end stance is basically facing the tv with my right foot next to my left.

I manage to get 74m first. Then 81, 84, and 88 meters and staying in the 75-85 meter range in the championship and finally beating this damn achievement.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out another method that seemingly works.
Posted by Falcon12727 on 20 Aug 15 at 03:18
Weasel Pizza Glad you found a way. It's always hard to replicate Kinect success because space and lighting can drastically change how the Kinect functions even if setups are similar.
Posted by Weasel Pizza on 20 Aug 15 at 03:43