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The Closer

Complete all bonus objectives in the Allies campaign

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19 Jan 2011
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The bonus objectives for the allied campaign are as follows:

Mission 1 - Brighton Beach:
Garrison Four Civilian Structures
Capture the Hospital
Repair the Coastal Guns
Train 5 Javelin Soldiers
Build 5 Multigunner IFVs

Notes: All of these are straightforward and are easily accomplished in the natural flow of playing this level. The bonus objectives act as a sort of tutorial for playing as allies. Just pay attention and make sure to complete them before completing the main objective.

Mission 2 - Cannes:

Neutralize the defenses guarding the Vindicators

Notes: There are reactors located in the south east part of the battlefield. Take these out and you will have access to aircraft after that and complete the bonus objective.

Mission 3 – Heidelberg

Assist agent Tanya

Notes: Again pretty straightforward… Tanya is pinned down in a building surrounded by a light enemy force and some enemy buildings to the south. However she’s not being actively fired on… So just make sure to send some tanks in to liberate her before you complete the main objectives.

Mission 4 – Gibraltar

Eliminate King Oni.
Set Up an Expansion Base in the Southwest

Notes: The first objective occurs when you only control agent Tanya. Make your way up the map, you will take out several infantry along with Natasha. Eventually the objective pops up and you will see that it’s a large robot pacing at the top of a ski lift. Make your way up and have either Tanya or Natasha blow him up.

The second bonus objective is straightforward. You will play as normal until the bonus objective to set up an expansion base pops up. Just make sure to do this before completing the main objectives. In truth, it’s a pretty useful secondary base which allows you to coordinate attacks on both flanks of the enemy.

Mission 5 – North Sea

Destroy the Generators.
Capture the Generators

Notes: These two bonus objectives occur in the mini-missions that precede the main mission of taking out the Japanese floating fortress. First, you will control 4 spies and your co-commander will have Agent Natasha nearby. Disguise your spies and have them disable the power reactors one by one. This will deactivate the defenses and allow Natasha to destroy them. Make sure to take them all out before Natasha destroys the radar ship as she can theoretically do this before you take out all of the reactors. After she takes out the radar ship, you will jump to the next mini-mission.

Now you control. Agent Tanya and the co-commander controls engineers. Be cautious here because you can’t order the engineers to move directly and they like to run up to enemy infantry and get gunned down and you only have just enough to complete the bonus objective. Have Tanya take out as many infantry as she can without running into tesla coils and then co-command order the engineers to capture the power plants. This will take down one set of coils only so look for the darkened ones, have Tanya take out the infantry around the now-deactivated coils and then send the engineer in. Rinse and repeat until all are captured.

Mission 6 – Mt Rushmore

Destroy the Power Plant
Capture the Boot Camp
Destroy the Jefferson Head Control Center
Destroy the Lincoln Head Control Center
Destroy the Washington Head Control Center

Notes: For the first part of this mission, you only control Agent Tanya but there are co-commander engineers and spies who will follow you around. First send Tanya to the mini-base with the boot camp and the power plant. Take out the dogs, then the turret, using Tanya’s time reversing belt if you take too much damage. Mop up the remaining infantry, then blow up the Power plant FIRST. This is important because the game doesn’t warn you that capturing the boot camp is a bonus objective until after you destroy the power plant. Once the plant is gone, you can click on the boot camp with the A button and order your co-commander to capture the boot camp with one of the engineers that have been following you around… continue on to complete this section in whatever way you see fit… jump to..

The President is now riding around the battlefield in his limo turning on three super-weapons mounted in the eyes of the Mt. Rushmore presidents on his way to activate the ultimate super-weapon mounted on top of Roosevelt’s head. You will need to build a boot camp (you may have one already from capturing it earlier), an airfield, and upgrade your construction yard to max clearance.

This in turn will allow you to build the century bombers which can also act as troop carriers. As the president works his way around, load a single engineer into a century bomber and send it to the control centers located in the south east, north east and north west corners of the map. Wait for the president to activate these control centers before capturing them.

All this is well and good but bear in mind the enemy will be sending tank waves after your base while you’re micromanaging these captures, make sure to build some defenses up with your own tanks and towers.

Once the third control center has been captured, you can slow the president down by shooting his limo with cryo-copters. These will be destroyed by Apollo fighters that generate from nowhere (even if you take out every enemy airfield) but it will buy you more time to compete the main objective.

Mission 7 – Tokyo Harbor

Destroy the imperial blockade

Notes: Happens in the first part of the mission. You are told to destroy a naval blockade so the Russians can reinforce you. This involves taking out defense towers and buildings to the east in the ocean. But first things first, you will be supplied with a well-equipped base and be immediately set upon by a massive wave of Japanese forces. Make sure to attack them before they can unfurl their buildings or you will be in a world of hurt. Once this is dealt with, you can use your airforce to easily take out the blockade. Just make sure to do it before the timer runs out. (even though the Russians are planning to betray you and never show up, you still have to do it before the time runs out)

Mission 8 – Havana

Recruit a force of 10 Soviets

Notes: In the first part of the mission you will have 2 spies and 2 dogs. The dogs only get in your way so order them to wait at the start of the map. Take one spy, you can leave the other behind as a backup. Disguise the spy and walk with the mirage tank and start recruiting enemy forces (right bumper and then x button activates the spy bribe power) Leave the newly recruited forces behind and keep working your way up until you have the required ten forces.

Mission 9 – Leningrad

Destroy the vacuum imploder.

Notes: Straightforward but tricky because of the time limit on the level. As you work your way up the map taking out iron curtains, you will eventually trigger a cut-scene of Krukov taunting you and he then builds the vacuum imploder next to the northernmost iron curtain. Destroy it for the objective. I recommend airstrikes, and level III time bombs if you can’t get your tanks through quickly enough. You also have the option of using the proton collider super-weapon. None of these things will take it out in one shot so use your favorite combo.
Celt PLTell me one.i've finished the campaign made all bonuses in 7 missions, can i go back to those 2 left and still get an achievement? :P
Posted by Celt PL on 26 Jan 11 at 19:27
Le GarnisherYes, the bonus objectives can be obtained in any order and non-consecutively. You can also do it on any difficulty level, even if you originally completed the campaign at a higher difficulty.
Posted by Le Garnisher on 26 Jan 11 at 22:45
TomjehThis guide is amazing thx :D
Posted by Tomjeh on 08 Mar 11 at 09:54
BrianTheBrokenI just chased this achievement for hours thinking I missed a bonus objective somewhere. Nope it glitched out. Thanks alot E GAY!
Posted by BrianTheBroken on 25 Feb 13 at 14:07
General JouryThis is retarded. I am now at the last secondary objective of the first mission, which is to build 5 IFV's... I just build the vehicle building and I can't build any IFV's for some reason. So it's basically glitched, just plain awesome. For fuck's sake.
Posted by General Joury on 07 May 13 at 17:21
JibbermidgetCan't believe noone mentioned it, but the one I missed was in just the second mission. You don't get the bonus objective unless you purposely explore the south-eastern island, and it's incredibly easy to miss because there's absolutely no reason to go down there. I did it, finished the mission, and the achievement finally popped.
Posted by Jibbermidget on 12 Jan 14 at 03:26