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Ecstasy of Gold

Get gold stars on all primary Vietnam weapons

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21 Jan 2011
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There are 12 Vietnam Weapons that you must get a gold star in. To get a gold star in a weapon you must get 100 kills with that weapon. Don’t start one weapon and not finish or move onto another weapon. Work your way through, kit by kit. For a sniper rifle, play rush. Camp behind the battlefield. Pick off people by scanning the horizon/battle area with your scope (for most sniper rifles use the 12x scope). Most guns need to be used in close quarter combat to be good. It would be a lot easier if they had a red dot sight or 4x sight like in the original games online mode.

List of primary weapons that are needed:

M16A1(Assault kit) This is not a good gun. It's one of the worst assault rifles. Use the Marksman Assault Rifle Training Specialization to help with this guns poor accuracy.

AK47 (Assault kit) Easy gun to get kills with. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

M14 (Assault kit) This isn't a good gun. Only good at close range. Needs a lot of reloading. Magnum bullets are an option for this gun and are needed, so use them!

M60 (Medic kit) the M60’s big magazine count makes this a briliant gun. It's heavy therefore decreases sprinting speed, but shouldn’t be a problem.

RPK (Medic kit) My personal favourite. Like the m60, has a pretty large magazine count. Easy to get kills with. Take out pockets of enemies with this with one magazine.

XM22 (Medic kit) Much like the M249 SAW, easy gun to get kills with. Has a large magazine count. Use the Marksman LMG training specialization to help keep the gun steady.

M10 (Engineer kit) Good gun. Use it in small bursts at close range. Really good for protecting objectives.

PPSh (Engineer kit) One of the best SMG’s in the DLC. Has a low recoil and brilliant fire power.

UZI (Engineer kit) Better firepower than the m10, but less accuracy. I recommend using the Marksman SMG Training Specialization. Also, if you want you can use the ammo upgrade to help with its rate of fire.

M21 (Recon kit) One of the worst snipers. You need at least 3 well placed shots to kill someone, and that’s when you use magnum ammo. Use it at closer range than other sniper rifles.

SVD (Recon kit)Slightly better than the m21. Use its 12x scope which is the best scope in the DLC. When using the 12x scope, you can snipe from medium to long distances.

M40 (Recon kit) Use magnum bullets with this gun for one-shot-one kill, also use the 12x scope.
lord verhdecent addition, but the M 16 and M 14 aren't bad at all, try getting headshots with all snipers or play like it is an scoped rifle. Camp behind the battlefield is one of the worst pieces of advice one can give, you should play active. You can kill enemies from far with EVERY gun except shotgun/flamethrower. It's not like you can't kill from distance with a PPsh. Iron sights ware what makes this expansion so much fun, please don't ask for red dot sights! As mentioned before, only shotguns and flamethrowers are just for close combat.
Posted by lord verh on 22 Jan 11 at 18:56
Whiskey7Pretty good guide, but are you mad? -The M14 is a beast in this game! And the M16 isn't far behind. Infact, all the Assault kit guns are decent.

Also, while I'm at it, I honestly think the SVD is garbage and no where near the standard of the other 2 sniper rifles. One thing I would suggest for new players with the sniper rifles, don't assume you have to use the 12x scope. I personally found them much easier to kill with without scopes, the default one is fine for all except the SVD. -I only say this because I swear it is inconsistent where the shot lines up with the chevron on the sights.
Posted by Whiskey7 on 24 Jan 11 at 21:56
Uber Epic EliteThe M14 is good at all ranges.

Don't use the Spotting Scope with the M40 if you want kills, it has an in built x12 scope.

Use Magnum Ammo with the SVD.

Also, how does an ammo upgrade improve the ROF on the UZI?

Apart from that, good tips.
Posted by Uber Epic Elite on 26 Jan 11 at 06:45
OwlowisciousThe SVD is bad in core: Yes. In hardcore though... It's basically a semi-auto AR (with a scope), so you can play assault without needing to go full auto! It's basically the same damage ratio as the FAL from MW2, to give you a means of comparison (Nearly always a 1 or 2 shot kill, occasionally a 3 shot if you manage to hit their ankles each time or something).

At least, that's my take on it. I don't like the full auto M16, the recoil on the M14 puts me off of it, and the AK just gets boring after a while. So I like this for variety.
Posted by Owlowiscious on 22 Feb 11 at 08:56
McGubbaloYeah the x12 scope is totally unnecessary on most Vietnam maps. And why do you say don't start one weapon and not finish? Stats are cumulative and the best way to go is to be versatile- switching to whatever the worst gun is that you can effectively get kills with in the current situation. Don't just go down the line one gun at a time or you'll be stuck being a sniper in bad spots and not getting very many kills.
Posted by McGubbalo on 28 Mar 11 at 03:18
Pisboy SparxxI would say that it's not a good idea to stick to only one weapon at a time. Play with the wapon best suited for that situation. Also do tank kills and Huey kills. Diversiti makes the game less borring. Not that i found this game boring,i love it.
Posted by Pisboy Sparxx on 25 Apr 11 at 18:55
ColtoN899Personally I think the SVD is way better than the M21, the M21 wasn't so bad at all, but the SVD is just horrible as far as I've played with it... It's my last weapon for this achievement as well.
Posted by ColtoN899 on 24 May 11 at 14:55
i5centDecent solution, but it seems more like you're telling us your preferences (Assault and Medic kits, SVD and M21) rather than giving us an unbiased guide on how to get kills with a weapon. And it seems like you got the M21 and SVD backwards. Statistically speaking, the M21 is more powerful, and when I use the rifles, the SVD is the one people always take 3 or 4 magnum rounds from and live.
Posted by i5cent on 15 Jun 11 at 21:38
matdanThe problem with sniper rifles is you need to get the drop on the enemy as every weapons including out duels a sniper rifle in direct combat. I'd say if you needed to get SR kills then stay in the background picking off flankers and snipers.
Posted by matdan on 17 Sep 11 at 12:07