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Finish top in 20 games.

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22 Jan 2011 22 Jan 2011
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As far as boosting this achievement goes I obtained it purely playing 2 player clan games.

Set the game to CTF on Backstab. There's a river that runs through this town and a bridge in the centre of the map that spans this river. Once the game starts both players run to the bridge with the winning player getting 1 kill and the loosing player quitting the match (you don't even have to wait for the loosing player to respawn).

It takes about 30 seconds a game once the game starts. Alternate the wins to keep it fair and keep going until the achievement unlocks.
VictimOfDesireBest solution to this achievement. Got it real fast with just one other player.
Posted by VictimOfDesire on 13 Mar 11 at 11:03
SlayingADragonThumbs up but can you elaborate on the idea of when the person quits out. They go back to the lobby, but how do they get back in? The winning player gets kicked from that session after getting the win and then they have to re-challenge?
Posted by SlayingADragon on 15 Jul 11 at 05:47