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Zombie Genocidest

Kill 53,595 Infected.

Zombie Genocidest0
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23 Jan 2011 24 Jan 2011
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the easiest way to get this legit is to go to the sacrifice go to the last level and go to the bridge but DON"T RAISE IT, there will be infinite horde and special infected spawn, but no tank and they bottle neck. I got about 600+ kills from just doing this. hope this helps
EDIT:I got 906 kills in 22 minutes so if this is a faster way give me a positive
Radient StarNice method. I tried a couple of places, hanging out by the ammo, running around like a madman in search of pipes, and hanging out on the bridge with the bots.

Although special infected do spawn I noticed that after a while they seemed to disappear, which was odd. If this happens you can get away with killing two of your buddies so that you have more kills for yourself, however if you kill all three then the level will end because you need two survivors alive. (This is all assuming you're doing this in Single Player like I did)
Posted by Radient Star on 12 Feb 11 at 21:20
ST0RMTR00PER321o btw i went from about 15,000 kills from the start of the update and now im at 46,000 so its proven a QUICK way to get this cheev
Posted by ST0RMTR00PER321 on 12 Feb 11 at 23:16
The DefenceI got 1200 kills in around 25 mins using this exact method. I had no special infected spawn, and just kept restocking ammo on the left (behind the chain-link fence) for my M-16 ;)
Posted by The Defence on 07 Mar 11 at 12:32
ST0RMTR00PER321sounds about right I see I told you it works
Posted by ST0RMTR00PER321 on 07 Mar 11 at 12:42
slowhuntThis method rocks - got 1200 kills in 25 minutes - played on easy, loaded up the finale and just kept killing 'til I eventually died. I kept the other survivors alive too, as they helped when I would get caught by a smoker or hunter. Huge thumbs up from me - now I know I will be able to finish this achievement.
Posted by slowhunt on 09 Feb 14 at 21:12
ST0RMTR00PER321makes your life a lot easier doesn't it
Posted by ST0RMTR00PER321 on 07 Jan 15 at 08:14