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Quadruple Double

Participate in an entire game where a player on your team gets a quadruple double.

Quadruple Double0
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10 Jun 2009
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A "double" means reaching double digits (10+) in one of the following statistical categories: points, assists, rebounds, blocks, or steals.

A "quadruple double" means doing so in four such statistical categories.

Adjusting offensive sliders upward for player shooting will help boost your points. Passing off to another player to make the shot will help boost your assists if he sinks the basket.

Adjusting defensive sliders upward, and CPU offensive sliders downward, will help improve your chances of grabbing rebounds from missed CPU shots, as well as making blocks. You can also improve your chances of making steals by adjusting penalty sliders down.

Increase the length of the quarters if you need more time to reach your doubles. Points, assists, and rebounds are probably the easiest to rack up, followed by steals, and finally blocks.

The Achievement will unlock once the game has finished.
RSX7Apparently, turnovers are also included to get this achievement. I won this achievement last night and I had double figures in points, rebounds, blocks and turnovers.
Posted by RSX7 on 13 Jun 09 at 18:02
EMOesqueThat wouldn't make sense, RSX if I'm understanding you correctly. Your player lost the ball 10 times and it counted towards a Quadruple Double?
Posted by EMOesque on 13 Apr 11 at 20:58
Vermin360I think he probably meant steals.
Posted by Vermin360 on 13 Apr 11 at 23:23
allhands238i can confirm that turnovers count towards the quadruple double. just let the other team surround you and take the ball away 10x.
Posted by allhands238 on 18 Apr 11 at 12:25