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Keys to the City

Unlock Port Crescent

Keys to the City0
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27 Jan 2011 13 Oct 2011
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Port Crescent is the second island on the map (upper left corner). To unlock Port Crescent you must complete all 8 races in Sunset Hills.

Basic strategies for all missions:
- Make sure to upgrade to a new car when you struggle to win a race (I upgraded at least once every new island, and then upgraded the performance of that vehicle).
- Try not to hit other cars
- Stay off the side of the road (it'll slow you down)
- Use nitro when necessary

Circuit - Race against multiple cars
Sprint - Race against 1 other car
Cop Take-out - Destroy X cop cars
Chasedown - Take out 1 car in less than 2 minutes
Highway Battle - Get far enough ahead of your opponent to be declared the victor (Save your nitro for when your opponent wrecks into another car, and boost far ahead)
Hot Car - Get a stolen car to the finish line while avoiding the police (Don't be afraid to use your brakes to let the cops whip past you, and then dodge around them)
Lap KO - Every lap the person in last place is elminated (Get ahead, stay ahead, use your nitro)
Bounty - Destroy a certain amount of collateral (Do your best to hit every car you see, they're worth $5,000)

Sunset Hills
1. The Big Race (Circuit)
2. Cruiser Crash (Cop Take-Out)
3. Old Cutler Road (Highway Battle)
4. Chop Shop (Hot Car)
5. The Game (Sprint)
6. Mint Condition (Hot Car)
7. The Trap (Chasedown)
8. Kingpin (Chasedown)