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Activate one of the cheats in the cheat menu

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03 Oct 2008
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Simply activate one of the cheats (the camera one is the easiest) and then start a single player custom race.

You don't actually have to race, just start the game for the achievement to pop up
StoodBridgeDoes this come in the free DLC?
Posted by StoodBridge on 14 Jan 09 at 16:49
JohnnyC3POYou don't need the DLC for this one, you can get the achievement just buying the game and playing offline.
Posted by JohnnyC3PO on 14 Jan 09 at 19:13
StoodBridgeGot it now, but the actuall camera cheat is horrible, haha.
Posted by StoodBridge on 24 Feb 09 at 22:24
terrett101I'm pretty sure you at least need the free DLC to get this one Iain17, otherwise it won't pop.
Posted by terrett101 on 12 Jan 10 at 01:01
AvengedAgainstI tried this without the DLC and nothing. Downloaded the free dlc and still nothing. Just downloaded the premium, which at the time of this writing was only 80msps, and the achievement popped during the loading screen.
Posted by AvengedAgainst on 03 Jul 10 at 21:36
Majestik Moose1As this achievement comes with the free DLC I assume that you need to have downloaded that DLC to actually get the achievement
Posted by Majestik Moose1 on 21 Jul 10 at 23:27
easylenWhat is the cheat?
Posted by easylen on 27 Jul 10 at 14:28
Guan Two ThreeI had issues with this achievement until I realized that you needed to run a CUSTOM race. (I completely missed that part of JohnnyC3PO's explanation). Anyways, the achievement unlocks when the track is loading.
Posted by Guan Two Three on 12 Sep 10 at 17:58
Dark Lord Whitewhat are the cheats though?
Posted by Dark Lord White on 25 Oct 10 at 02:19
Becker SWEHow & where to make the cheat? Anyone share the combination or what's up to it? Pls send me an answer on my GT over XBLive. I use same name here as well as on Facebook and Live =) /B13
Posted by Becker SWE on 22 Nov 10 at 15:21
JohnnyC3POIf I remember rightly (over 2 years since I posted the solution) there is an options menu and inside there is a cheats menu. If you select the TV camera cheat and then play a custom single player match you will get the achievement before you even start driving in the race.
Posted by JohnnyC3PO on 03 Jan 11 at 00:28
DeadbeatDrackThis drove me crazy, I couldn't get it to work. I then downloaded the DLC a second time and it worked.
Posted by DeadbeatDrack on 29 Jan 11 at 04:39