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Collect 10 Semiconductors

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Semi-Conductors come in many different forms (e.g Bronze, Ruby, Gold, Diamiond), that depending on their level are found in various places. Bronze are usually well hidden in the environment of Dead Space 2 and can usually be found by exploring rooms that aren't highlighted by the story "line" you are suppose to follow or even easy to miss places. For example towards the start of the game when passing through the vacuum on your right keep moving through and eventually you will see a semi-conductor floating in space which you will use kenesis to grab. Not only will exploring all possible rooms nab you these, but precious ammo and health packs as well which are essential on higher difficulties. Gold and Ruby Semi-Conductors are most commonly found in rooms you need a power node to access. I, personally always keep one on me for situations such as these since again, these rooms give sometimes a much needed resupply and for many of the rooms I encountered another power node is either near or sometimes even in these rooms. Rubys can be found on the very tough enemies such as Brutes. By Chapter 8 I nabbed this achievement by just searching power node rooms, killing tough enemies, and a few from exploring the world of Dead Space 2. Finally the ever elusive but oh so rewarding Diamond. I admit at one point I was frantically running around and trying not to die and picking up all I could so I am not 100% where I picked this up, but if someone wants to comment and give the information Ill post it up! All I know is that these are very very rare and by Chapter 10 I have only come across one of these. Anyways I hope this helps you all nabbing those semi-conductors and keep those guns loaded and your health high!
AvataI found a Diamond Semiconducter on Chapter 12 in the sloping pathways to the left of the Driller when you first approach it. If memory serves, I took a left at the first opportunity going up the slope and it was on a ledge just beyond where the path dead-ended. It wasn't difficult to see (I don't think it was visible from the ground). Can't say whether or not it was a random spawn though, as I only passed through there once, but I sure someone else can confirm.
Posted by Avata on 29 Jan 11 at 23:40
Avata^ Confirmed. I had a save right at the beginning of Chapter 12.
Posted by Avata on 30 Jan 11 at 03:49
AvataThere's another one at the end of Chapter 11 towards the the end when you enter the ice cavern, right before you see Stross and Ellie fight and get pulled out into space. Head past the 2 containers, turn and look back towards the entrance, and you'll see it on top of a wall support on the right.
Posted by Avata on 09 Feb 11 at 11:36
D3LTA AREScan you sell them after collecting them or do you need to keep them in your inventory for this achievement to unlock?
Posted by D3LTA ARES on 11 Mar 11 at 16:36
FuzzyWuzzyLemurYou can sell them when you pick them up. If you bring up pause menu and go to achievements you should get a list that has your numbers tracked and you can see how many you have and how many more you need :)
Posted by FuzzyWuzzyLemur on 11 Mar 11 at 16:40
Fire Hawk DI've almost got this achievement and I'm on Chapter 5. Without a guide. Clearly, you just need to be more thorough.
Posted by Fire Hawk D on 26 Apr 14 at 05:06