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Knock down an enemy with Contact Beam Alt-Fire then kill it with Primary Fire before it stands up

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Use a Contact Beam on any Necromorph but hold LT (to aim) and Press RB (to knock it down with it's ALT-fire). Now it should be on the ground. Quickly, charge the Contact Beam (hold RT) and kill it before it gets up (let go of RT)!
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Lord Terentius Just a hint to make it easier for those who (like myself) found the timing to be quite tricky.

Once they've been knocked back, QUICKLY STASIS them.

Then charge the Beam and kill the necromorph. This doesn't mean you have to rush to pull it off and you'll get the achievement much more easily.
Posted by Lord Terentius on 29 Jan 11 at 21:48
ljp0390 I dont think it is possible to get this achievement on casual difficulty. I use the alt fire and instead of knocking them back it quickly kills them. I am only on the 2nd chp so maybe I need to try it on the harder enemies but for now I cant do this
Posted by ljp0390 on 01 Jun 12 at 14:29
Kimieva I did this on Zealot, and even on Zealot, the Alt-Fire for the Contact Beam was killing most Necromorphs outright. I had a fully upgraded Contact Beam, though, so that could have been a contributing factor.

What I ended up doing is killing one of the advanced Slashers that tries to ambush you in one of the AI core rooms right before the Solar Array section. It was tough enough to survive the initial blast, and then the main beam killed it easy.

My best advice for weaker enemies would be to try and hit them with the outer edge of the ALT+ Fire blast if possible and not let them get in close to you at ground zero. The damage from the blast seems to weaken as it travels away from you.
Posted by Kimieva on 06 Mar 14 at 14:42