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Clean Cut

Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun Primary Fire shot (single player only)

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28 Jan 2011 05 Aug 2014
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The first chance you’ll get to acquire this is in the latter half of Chapter 5, just before you enter the Unitoligist ‘cathedral’. Obviously you will need to purchase the Line Gun (9000 credits) before attempting this and although not strictly necessary, a full Stasis bar is definitely recommended. It will make the achievement MUCH easier. With that in mind, I will start at the last opportunity you will have to make purchases.

About midway through Chapter 5, right after you deactivate the Gravity Core, you’ll find yourself in a small room with a Shop that is separated from the main room by a small hallway. The main room contains a Workbench, and a Save Station and duct entrance concealed by three ‘pillars’ with Kinesis Grips, suspended from the ceiling via a rail. Use Kinesis (LT+B) to move the ‘pillars’ out of the way to expose the Save Station.

Unless you plan on keeping the Line Gun, I would recommend that you make a save before purchasing it. You will need at least 9000 credits on-hand (or sufficient ammo if you have already have it), alternatively you could just sell something. A newly purchased Line Gun comes with 5 rounds, which is ample for the achievement and it is not necessary to upgrade it in any way. Optionally you could purchase some Stasis Refills, just in case you run out or you can’t be bothered to wait for it to recharge :)

Enter the air duct via the entrance to the left of the Save Station.

Make your way through the duct, turning left and left again, before the ceiling gives out and you fall into a small storage room. Behind you you’ll find 10000 credits and 4 random pieces of ammo. Enter the next room through the door at the end of the hallway in front of you on the left.

In this room you will find the Line Racks Schematic behind the pallet of crates in front of you (as you enter). To your left, on a crate is a container with credits or ammo in it and on the opposite wall you’ll find 2 random pieces of ammo on some shelves. Exit through the door on the left into a room with red flooring.

There are two Lurkers hidden in this room. Turn right and head down the hall to the next turn and look to your right down the next hallway. DO NOT step out of the light yet. At the end of the hallway you will see a slope that leads up to a vent and light hanging from the ceiling above. This is the vent they will come from.

Make sure you have the Line Gun selected and sufficient Stasis before triggering the Lurkers. Don’t go too far down the hallway or you will inadvertently trigger a Slasher. Now the easiest way to sever all three tentacles with a single shot is for the Lurker to be standing on a horizontal surface, but when they first emerge from the vent they’ll jump on to the wall on the left (their right) in a sideways position. They will eventually jump down, but they will be shooting at you the whole time. To avoid getting hit head back to the door you entered through and turn back and face where you came from. When they come around the corner they’ll both be on the floor. Use Stasis to slow them down and aim (LT) for the middle tentacle (as close to their body/head as you can) and let it rip (LT+RT). If done correctly the achievement will pop right away. Don’t worry if you mess up, restarting the check point will put you back in the small storeroom you fell into from the air duct.

If you plan to keep the Line Gun, remember to watch out for the Slasher that will attack you from the right as you go up the slope.

Hope this helps :)

Video courtesy of PowerPyx
m0rph3us17Definitely the best spot in the game in terms of convenience. If you are struggling to get it here, beam width upgrades may help you get it later on.
Posted by m0rph3us17 on 30 Jan 11 at 03:12
JoKeRs ObLiViOnyou dont even need to use the gun. i did this by accident i had the gun out and i threw the red explosive thingat one and poped up a achievemnt.
Posted by JoKeRs ObLiViOn on 30 Jan 11 at 20:35
AvataYeah, someone else posted a solution saying as much. Sounds good for those who missed this opportunity :) Unfortunately there aren't any canisters in this room, so if you want to knock it out early you'll have to do it 'legit'. It's really not that difficult.
Posted by Avata on 30 Jan 11 at 23:51
Calex dEUSPerfect got it 1st time and didn't even have to use stasis.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 31 Jan 11 at 10:29
DresdenDilOne of the best solutions I have ever read
Posted by DresdenDil on 06 Feb 11 at 11:02
AvataThank you :)
Posted by Avata on 07 Feb 11 at 16:16
Phoenix C64ok, so this chievo glitched for me, in a positive way: i was in chapter 11, had my javelin equipped... saw some enemies coming from far (one was obviously a lurker) and shot with my javelin on one of those red exploding canisters that was close to them. big bada boom, all dead and the chievo popped... weird, right?
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 26 Jul 11 at 22:58
Little 3vilNot as easy as stated. I have used stasis on every lurker I encountered and shot the line gun at it's tentacles. From up close....for afar, near the body...halfway of the tentacles, nothing seems to work. I keep blowing of the outer tentacles but the middle one stays on. I even upgraded the line gun with a few nodes. Really weird. Next chance I'll get I'll try it from the side. Or I'll try the explosive cannister.
Posted by Little 3vil on 31 May 13 at 08:29
AvataThat is strange. :( Sideways is definitely easier. I wouldn't worry about it too much, there are _plenty_ of other opportunities later on. I got the achievement on another account completely by accident through the natural course of the game. It'll come. If all else fails, the canister solution is pretty full-proof (the drill/mine level in the back half of the game is an excellent spot for this). Good luck!
Posted by Avata on 01 Jun 13 at 00:13