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Brute Juke

Kill a Brute without taking damage

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28 Jan 2011
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The first brute appears in the transport hub in chapter 6. He will jump down into the arena-like area with you and start to perform charge attacks. Face him head on, and then as he begins to charge you, run toward him but an angle to one side or the other so that you pass each other. Wheel around and stasis the brute from behind and begin blasting the knee joint on one of his legs.

When it gives out he will get up and start shooting exploding organic bombs at you from his chest. Catch the first bomb with telekinesis and fire it back at him. While he is stunned switch to the line gun and shoot its alt-fire mine at his feet. From here just continue to play pitch and catch with the bombs and replace the line gun mine at his feet whenever it detonates. He will not move anymore and, as long as you don't fail to catch one of his bombs, cannot damage you.

If you're struggling with the bombs use more stasis to reduce the number of bombs he can launch in the time it takes to kill him. If you get hit by a charge attack during the first stage, restart the checkpoint, which will be just prior to his jumping into the transport hub.
DresdenDilGood solution man, I was going to point out that there is one of those "stasis bombs" behind you when the Brute drops. It lasts ages and is a big help in saving your own stasis
Posted by DresdenDil on 31 Jan 11 at 09:44
Nick KevlarThumbs Up! Only thing I'd change is that I ran sideways when he charged. It also may be beneficial to add that he cannot charge through the pillars on the outside. I was able to use the alt-fire mines as you stated, but didn't bother to catch the bombs he throws at you, I just ducked behind cover to avoid the damage. Thanks!
Posted by Nick Kevlar on 16 Feb 11 at 05:03
MetroidkillahAlternately, you can use the Javelin Gun. Its electrical alt-fire (if improved a little) is fairly powerful, and you don't even have to worry about hitting the weak spots. Don' forget to use stasis.

But yes, Chapter 6 is where I got the cheev, as well.
Posted by Metroidkillah on 04 Feb 13 at 18:02