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Play through a World and reach the boss without getting hit.

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29 Jan 2011 29 Jan 2011
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A very easy achievement once you know the trick. To make it very easy, enter the Power of Love sword cheat on the title screen (X, X, X, A, B, Y).

At anytime after you've completed Stage 3, go back to the first part (Leo's place). As soon as you can move, exit to the map and move to the second part, Main stage. With the sword you should make VERY quick work of the mini-boss. Then just crash through some walls and it'll unlock just before the Evil Ex fight.
GottleWorked like a charm.
Posted by Gottle on 01 Feb 11 at 21:42
Dancsi27worked like a charm too, thanks for this trick
Posted by Dancsi27 on 04 Feb 11 at 19:35
WicelowNice tip ! Thanks !
Posted by Wicelow on 13 Feb 11 at 00:18
SinfulKagemushaThank you. I literally got this achievement in two minutes. Worked like a charm.
Posted by SinfulKagemusha on 20 May 11 at 21:28
Gamejunky2I don't know why but I can't get this method to work, i've definitely beat the mini boss/walls without getting hit and it still didn't pop. I'm using the power of love sword cheat as well. Any ideas what the reason might be? I did it about 4 times in a row and just gave up. Even tried making sure my health was maxed before going in the level just in case.
Posted by Gamejunky2 on 07 Jun 11 at 04:32
MiTYHNot quite sure Gamejunky2. Worked for me on the first try. Then again, by that point my character was maxed out in all levels, so maybe that'll help you? The mini-bosses should be incredibly quick, and you should still have the sword for the walls.
Posted by MiTYH on 07 Jun 11 at 22:10
JayourJust so you know the cheat code is actually; X, X, X, A, B, A, Y.
Posted by Jayour on 15 Nov 11 at 21:23
MiTYH@ Jayour, Just checked it on my machine, it is in fact X, X, X, A, B, Y. Googling shows the same results, though it shows some people do have issues with the code and sometimes enter what you posted.
Posted by MiTYH on 15 Nov 11 at 21:36
JayourYeah I just tested it, both codes seem to activate the same cheat! laugh
Posted by Jayour on 15 Nov 11 at 23:54
LausDomini@Gamejunky - you may have selected Exit game instead of Return to Map
Posted by LausDomini on 22 Dec 11 at 20:32
Makarios031Like a charm! Awesome!
Posted by Makarios031 on 07 Jul 12 at 19:16
Saft Und Kraftawsome and easy!
Posted by Saft Und Kraft on 10 Jul 12 at 19:02
SonOfBeckettThis was a great guide. Thank you.
Posted by SonOfBeckett on 12 Jul 12 at 03:04
DwaggienitePerfect solution, thank you so much!
Posted by Dwaggienite on 04 May 13 at 15:47
TheBlackxRangerWorked perfectly. Unlocked right at the "Let's take it outside" scene.
Posted by TheBlackxRanger on 08 Oct 13 at 07:41
T0per Harleygot it on first try. Thanks !
Posted by T0per Harley on 08 Jul 14 at 17:11
LeadedDionysus4didn't work for me
Posted by LeadedDionysus4 on 19 Jan 21 at 21:02