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Upgrade 1 Weapon completely

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Case Dang ItCase Dang It195,084
29 Jan 2011 30 Jan 2011
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This startegy is designed to kind of earn this achievement early on if you chose to upgrade your RIG and stasis first. From the beginning I focused putting all my nodes on the RIG and stasis, once I achieved that (Ha!) I was on chapter 9, by this point you will have earned the RESPEC ability (respectability, as well) and be able to remove your nodes and apply them somewhere else. So once I upgraded my RIG and stasis, I saved at the nearest save station (which happen to be right by a work bench) and then I used the RESPEC to remove nodes from my RIG and stasis and then apply them to a gun, I did plasma cutter, the achievement popped and then I just reloaded my last save. My RIG and Stasis were back to normal and I had an extra cheeve earlier than I should have.