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Unlock and call all strikers.

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Strikers are the "summons" that you can call on by pressing the Left Bumper during battle. These consume Gut Points (the same points that power your character's special attack), so if you are attempting to summon one and they don't come, that could be the cause.

There are four strikers in this game. Knives Chau, Mr. Chau, Mrs. Chau, and Nega-Knives. Each of the initial four characters starts with the ability to summon Knives, while the secret character summons Nega-Knives instead. Mr. and Mrs. Chau are unlocked as strikers by finding and defeating Mr. Chau on the map screen. Only the character that beats Mr. Chau will unlock the strikers, but the attacks are the same regardless of who calls them. If a character has unlocked Mr. and Mrs. Chau, you will not be able to control who is summoned. Mr. Chau will sometimes come out instead of Knives, and Mrs. Chau is rarer still.

Mr. Chau begins to appear randomly on the Map once you beat the Tood Ingram. You will recognize him as a character icon in black, standing on any of the available levels. If you enter a level he is not in, Mr. Chau will disappear and you will have to wait for him to reappear. If you go to the spot Mr. Chau is standing on, you will automatically begin the fight.

Unlike other levels in this game, if you lose a life while fighting Mr. Chau you will be sent back to the menu and Mr. Chau will disappear temporarily. But don't worry, he will continue to randomly appear occasionally after you clear an area. It is typically recommended to play "The Main Stage", as it is fairly short and also gives you an extra life for your trouble.

You will not be able to control which striker appears once you have unlocked Mr. and Mrs. Chau. Mr. Chau typically will show up at least once or twice every 10 times you use a striker. Mrs. Chau appeared for me every 15-20 times I summoned a striker.

There are some discussions that this could be a glitched achievement, and there's a series of steps that those who have unlocked it have taken to avoid possible glitches.

1) Make sure you unlocked Mr. and Mrs. Chau as strikers before you beat the game with any character.

2) Make sure that you have successfully summoned both Mr. and Mrs. Chau as strikers before you beat the game with any character.

3) Make sure you summon Knives with each playable character. Mr. and Mrs. Chau only need to be summoned by the character that first unlocked them.

4) Make sure the striker actually hits an enemy with the attack. You will be able to tell this has worked as the enemies will take damage or react to the technique. One that frequently causes confusion is Kim's. Knives causes damage as she's leaving after the kiss. So make sure that one hits as well.

5) Make sure you have unlocked the 5th playable character by beating story mode with all 4 original characters. His striker is unique and counts towards the achievement.

With these tips in mind, the hardest part becomes beating Mr. Chau. So good luck!

From Alita360:
"If you're coming here because the chievo glitched on you, here is a guide on how to "unglitch" it and get another chance at doing it:
Torhu HybridIn the interest of improving solutions (and better helping the community) it would be great if downvoters would give me a heads-up as to what I could do differently to improve this solution.
Posted by Torhu Hybrid on 05 Feb 11 at 00:10
Tinyshadethanks for guide, keep up the good work. ( Positive vote left )
Posted by Tinyshade on 19 Feb 11 at 01:21
fbsartsNice solution, but I saw the others talking about Nega-knives. Maybe you should check that out: could be because of that a lot of people think the chevy is glitched... I think you should change the solution appropriately. ;-)
Posted by fbsarts on 16 Mar 11 at 20:11
Torhu HybridI tried to keep Nega-Knives a secret, but I suppose it's pointless since you're reading a solution. Thanks for the heads up! :)
Posted by Torhu Hybrid on 16 Mar 11 at 20:29
Phoenix C64glitched for me. i usually like to beat a game without any sort of guide first. so when i came and read all what i should have done "before beating the game" to avoid glitching, it was too late.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 21 Mar 11 at 10:23
Buff BeefbrothSo it's absolutely confirmed that you have to summon Mr. and Mrs. Chau before ever beating the game, or you're screwed? A lot of other guides don't even mention this detail.

If it's true, I wonder if clearing the cache or whatever will fix it? I'm gonna be sad if I can't get this one. Loved the game and definitely want to complete it.
Posted by Buff Beefbroth on 06 May 11 at 15:16
Torhu HybridIt's not 100% confirmed, but it's recommened (at least the last time I checked). The Achievement still acts funny even after the DLC was released. So better safe than sorry.

Clearing the cache could help, I've heard a few people doing that.
Posted by Torhu Hybrid on 09 May 11 at 13:19
Phoenix C64i emailed with ubisoft helpdesk and we did gazillions of "standard" tests, my chievo is still glitched. i deleted game and dlc, cleared cache, downloaded game, called all strikers... no chievo. downloaded dlc again, called all strikers again. no chievo. ubisoft helpdesk said they're sorry and they'll forward it, but that is ages ago. i doubt the devs give a crap about this, so don't expect a fix. if you glitched, you're screwed.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 10 May 11 at 22:55
Buff BeefbrothThe original development team doesn't even exist in its original form, from what I've heard. So even if they did care, they couldn't do much about it.
Posted by Buff Beefbroth on 16 May 11 at 01:36
pantherkid2564good guide but fuck this achievement took forever
Posted by pantherkid2564 on 20 May 11 at 01:11
pantherkid2564good guide but fuck this achievement took forever
Posted by pantherkid2564 on 20 May 11 at 01:12
DiesskayI finished the game twice. Never seen that character :(
Posted by Diesskay on 26 May 11 at 09:30
Torhu HybridMr. Chao? He's a "random encounter" of sorts. Just keep replaying the second half of Stage 3 and eventually he'll show up. Then go to his square and it'll start immediately.
Posted by Torhu Hybrid on 26 May 11 at 15:06
Phoenix C64Torhu Hybrid: maybe you could add this to your guide:
If you're coming here because the chievo glitched on you, here is a guide on how to "unglitch" it and get another chance at doing it:
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 27 May 11 at 20:38
GrootbusterI just got this achievement on my first attempt. I unlocked Mr. Chau on my first playthrough as Scott and only called him and Knives before completing the game. I then went through with the other three characters and called Knives each time (making sure the attack connected). I also went back and played the first level as Scott and spammed LB until Mrs Chau came AND connected (which took forever). Then, finally, I started one more playthrough with NegaScott and called NegaKnives as soon as the first stage started and the achievement popped immediately. Maybe I got lucky, it seems that this achievement is hit and miss.
Posted by Grootbuster on 17 Jun 11 at 20:35
Phoenix C64ah, u added my note ;) coolio.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 26 Jun 11 at 20:19
Phoenix C64little update: after beating todd ingram 70+ times and still not getting mr. chau, i researched a bit more and it seems there are much better chances at spawning mr. chau on the hardest diff. setting. i changed my setting and mr. chau appeared after beating todd just 3 times ;)
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 27 Jun 11 at 10:30
DauntingAbyssI want to add to this that a lot of people are saying (here) that you should finish a quick stage then he'll pop. While that's not wrong, its also not the easiest way to get him to pop up faster.

What I did was I just entered a zone (any of them) then returned to the map. I did this on the easiest difficulty (since people are claiming the harder difficulties get him easier) and he popped up within the first 3 times I did this. I think I got lucky, since he's ultimately a random kind of guy, so your results may vary. You just have to remember that he can appear anywhere you've already unlocked -for me he appeared at the starting node for zone 6.

So unless your taking on a level over and over for the money or XP, there's really no reason to play through it again and again when you can just take advantage to this.
Posted by DauntingAbyss on 02 Aug 11 at 17:54
DROGTURISTJust posting to confirm that I followed this solution exactly and I got the achievement as soon as I summoned Knives using NegaScott.

One detail that isn't mentioned anywhere and might be why some people are having trouble, that I noticed, is that Kim's default Knives summon actually damages enemies as she leaves after the kiss. At first, I thought it was like Ramona's summon and that it only healed me so I never intentionally used it when there were enemies on screen, so maybe that's something to consider. Also, I made sure I successfully summoned and caused damage with each summonable character at least twice.
Posted by DROGTURIST on 28 Sep 11 at 11:22
Torhu HybridThanks for that tidbit. I'll find a way to include it in the solution.
Posted by Torhu Hybrid on 28 Sep 11 at 15:36
ReevysGot the achievement last night and it didn't glitch, even though I didn't get Mr. and Mrs. Chau until my second run through with Scott on the hardest difficulty. Before I started up as NegaScott though, I went back into the game as everyone and made sure every striker landed a hit (bar Ramona, of course) at least two or three times just to be safe. I loaded the game up as NegaScott and called NegaKnives, and when it hit I didn't think I was going to get it, but after a 4 or 5 second delay the achievement popped.

Thanks for being so informative though, especially the part about Kim's striker. Thumbs up.
Posted by Reevys on 01 Dec 11 at 15:12
braKitoGreat solution! I was able to get it on the second play with no glitches.
Posted by braKito on 17 Dec 11 at 23:09
Captain AnimalI've just unlocked this after much frustration! Here's what I found:

I played through and finished the game multiple times (once with each character to unlock NegaScott). My first playthrough was on Hard, the rest on Easy. I also have the Knives Chau DLC and had played through once with Knives.

Not once in any of my playthroughs did Mr. Chau appear to fight. After much trial and error I bumped the difficulty up to Hard and beat Main Stage (and the boss fight) a couple of times in a row with Scott. Mr. Chau then appeared and I beat him. It is also worth noting that the Mrs. Chau that appears as Knives' striker counts towards this achievement.
Posted by Captain Animal on 24 Jun 12 at 10:31
Greedy136I can also confirm that Knives' Mrs. Chau striker counts towards this achievement. And Mr. Chau does appear on the easiest difficulty. I had to redo only 3 boss fights on easy. But he did not show up during my previous four playthroughs or my additional playthrough on hard. He is very rare. Don't give up.
Posted by Greedy136 on 02 Nov 12 at 08:35
Goldfire64i dont know if the most recent update fixed this but i had a glitched save where i beat chau and he wouldn't summon as a caller, but recently it let me re-fight him and now calling him works.
Posted by Goldfire64 on 08 Dec 12 at 04:29
SaracinThought I'd mention you might not have to even beat a stage for Mr. Chau to appear. I had beaten the game with Scott and Kim. Logged into Kim to see if he was around and then exited and loaded up Scott and he was right there on his map already, so you might just be able to keep quitting and loading up other characters until he shows up.
Posted by Saracin on 10 Dec 12 at 23:00
XonatronThis achievement and solution are confusing. How do you unlock Mr. and Mrs. Chau? (I mean in detail...)
Posted by Xonatron on 14 Dec 12 at 19:22
Roadkill ToastThe attacks don't have to hit. found this out cause neither my nega-knives or MRS. Chau hit and i still got the achievement.
Posted by Roadkill Toast on 11 Jan 13 at 09:46
Shadykilla420just wanted to thank you for this guide, it glitched on me and then i came here and found the download trial solution and i just got it 5 min ago!! and to add to it i made sure i unlocked mr chao first play through and used all 3 of scotts strikers before beating gideon
Posted by Shadykilla420 on 15 Apr 13 at 03:36
Phoenix C64No comments in a loooong time xD Anyways: right now, game and DLC are being delisted on XBL, so the solution to unglitch this achievement I posted in 2011 (as Alita360) won't work anymore.
Posted by Phoenix C64 on 05 Jan 15 at 00:52
Isn't it just me or is just starting a fresh save sufficient and using the leveling glitch to easily work around this since just seems like most people who say it's glitches prolly done something wrong or not at all

Also Phoenix do one you cannot take credit just cuz u said it
Posted on 16 Sep 20 at 18:08
New ParalyzerYou can still unglitch it you just need a second console that doesn't have the license. Start the game offline and once you're playing the trial connect to XBL and you'll flip to the Full version while still on a fresh save from the trial.
Posted by New Paralyzer on 13 Jan 21 at 20:00
TheUtmostLegendI can not get this achievement to pop. I have every striker unlocked and have used everyone's striker (many times). I've looked everywhere online and tried other people's solutions that have worked for them without any luck. Has anyone found a way to get this achievement to pop without use of the trial version of the game? @New Paralyzer how do you play the game on another xbox? What steps are needed?
Posted by TheUtmostLegend on 15 Jan 21 at 00:18
Eva LiI can't get the achievement either...
Posted by Eva Li on 26 Jan 21 at 16:41
FIoyd BRUntil today I have not been able to unlock it. I've noticed a lot of people doing it offline...
Posted by FIoyd BR on 28 Jan 21 at 15:52
Eva LiOffline? Thanks a will try!
Posted by Eva Li on 28 Jan 21 at 17:20
Eva LiDo you mean offline just to summon the strikers or I need to restart all the game offline?
Posted by Eva Li on 28 Jan 21 at 19:29
FIoyd BRI do not know for sure. I've also played a lot offline, but to no avail. I just noticed, through TA, that in recent times hundreds of people have unlocked it offline. If you know of anything to support this search, please comment here. Good luck!
Posted by FIoyd BR on 29 Jan 21 at 12:22