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Bouncing Betty

Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it back

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Cysts are these little pustules (for lack of a better word) that shoot out little mines if you get too close to them.
What you need to do for this achievement is to Telekinesis Grab the Mine when it pops out and shoot it back at the Cyst that 'spit' the Mine at you in the first place.
You have to be relatively quick to get the Mine before it hits the wall/ground.
I found the best ones to do this to are the Cysts that are on the Ceiling. This is because the blast from the mine won't be enough to kill the Cyst and you will have many attempts to Grab the Mine.

The guys over at Achievement Hunter have this Achievement guide that is both short and Informative.

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**All credit goes to Jack & Burnie from Achievement Hunter for this video. These videos rock and deserve a Subscription!**
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JimboJambo86 dont know why jack and burnie dont mention using stasis, makes this so easy to do.
Posted by JimboJambo86 on 27 Mar 11 at 13:54
TheOtherBarber I didn't really think to do that or mention it. They're not really quick enough to warrant using Stasis if you ask me. But you do bring up a good point!
Posted by TheOtherBarber on 09 Oct 11 at 05:46