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Shock Therapy

Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use its Alt-Fire to shock 3 others (single player only)

Shock Therapy0
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03 Feb 2011 03 Feb 2011
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Another simple one. Just hit the fat/pregnant necromorph with a javelin or two and as he goes down trigger the alt fire. the shock will wipe out all the little crawlers that are going to come out of him and trigger the achievement. First ones I found were in Chapter 6.
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mattk85 This method worked a treat, and is much easier to set up than some other solutions.
Posted by mattk85 on 23 Feb 11 at 23:38
REALFOX81 Easiest and fastest solution out there. Got it on my first try. Thanks.
Posted by REALFOX81 on 12 Mar 11 at 17:29
Wilkos Wrath never thought of that, come here you fat ugly necro!
Posted by Wilkos Wrath on 25 Apr 11 at 05:47