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Trail Of Corpses

Kill 53,596 infected.

Trail Of Corpses0
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12 Jun 2009
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I've found that the best method to get this achievement is to simply do the Rolling Thunder kill event over and over. On average you should get 1000 infected killed every 2 minutes. At that rate it will only take you a couple hours to get all 53596 kills.
BLYASTDoing this now. Method is working like a charm, Thanks!
Posted by BLYAST on 14 Jun 09 at 07:48
BLYASTJust wanted to add the path I found best:

Immediately do a U-Turn at the start until you get to the coastal highway, then make a left and follow it, shooting down the side roads as you pass. This should net you between 700-1000 score per round depending on speed.

Took me about 2 hours for the nearly the entire count.
Posted by BLYAST on 14 Jun 09 at 10:56
Gogore WoDHow does your guide surpass mine when you can get the achievement in less than an hour and 20? A lot easier too..
Posted by Gogore WoD on 19 Jun 09 at 19:37
Gogore WoDI dont know how the fuck you guys are gonna choose his over mine when mine was better, aka 400+ more kills every 2 minutes, and then give me negative feedback. Thank those who gave me false feedback. Do it the longer way.
Posted by Gogore WoD on 20 Jun 09 at 17:06
EvoSeroAgree with OP solution.

The event lasts 2 minutes, and you should be in the range of 800-1200 kills per attempt.

The method I found worked best involved constantly moving down long, wide streets with the turret aimed backwards (makes sure the "cow catcher" part of the tank is faced forwards).
Posted by EvoSero on 01 Jul 09 at 16:35
ThrillaGnatWow Gogore WoD, you seem pretty upset. When I went to look for your solution to see if it was indeed better, I couldn't find it. Looks like in your little temper tantrum you removed it. Oh well. For me this was best way to get the achievement. I didn't even look at this solution page till after I thought I should have gotten the achievement. Turns out Infected Water Towers and Hives Destroyed does not count towards this achievement, which I had included in my count. Good Solution though!
Posted by ThrillaGnat on 13 Aug 09 at 16:40
Nath360skillzGreat solution,short and to the point. Using this method I got the achievement, Thanks.
(Voted Positive)
Posted by Nath360skillz on 06 Sep 09 at 19:44
i5cent@ Gogore WoD

You might have better feedback on your solution if you didn't throw a temper tantrum via comments on another solution, and your solution DEFINITELY would have done better if you kept it on! It's hard for people that need help to find a faster way to do something when the supposedly faster way is taken off by the writer because it didn't get as many positive votes. Grow up.
Posted by i5cent on 10 Feb 10 at 00:02
TULLY13wasnt sure where to put this but does anyone know if ur kills over different saves are counted towards it or is it one save alone thanks :)
Posted by TULLY13 on 04 Mar 10 at 21:48
NuffinButSteelesame question as TULLY13 but i think that it is on 1 save as over all of mine i must be nearin 70k+ kills
Posted by NuffinButSteele on 06 May 10 at 21:44
FauxcroftIt's one save alone obviously stats are not tracked over multiple game saves.
Posted by Fauxcroft on 10 Sep 10 at 08:48
Posted by Zellodine on 12 Dec 10 at 04:06
NINja277lol @ Gogore WoD
Posted by NINja277 on 04 Feb 11 at 10:52
xCHRONIC KAOSxI just ot mine today and if you get over 1000 score in the Event its over well over 1k in kills took me 3 hours split over 2 days and it worked 1st try.As for the ppl having problems i deleted ALL my saves and started a new game on Easy and got a few achievs that i had not even been trying for so positive vote even though i know thats how to do it from a vid i watched from Rooster Teeth
Posted by xCHRONIC KAOSx on 07 May 11 at 20:28
Arj295Thanks for the advice.
Posted by Arj295 on 06 May 12 at 18:38
MugenKairoPoor Gogore WoD, resorting to swearing on others solutions, ouch. Nice work Brutish Muffin, working like a charm just need to invest a little time that's all.
Posted by MugenKairo on 12 Aug 12 at 00:10
Tan110688is there a counter anywhere so you know how many you already have?
Posted by Tan110688 on 12 Jun 13 at 16:56
WoetteTo be exact, when you get 800-1000 kils in the event this does NOT relate to that same amount of kills being added in the infected civilians killed statistic. Of those 800 - 1000 you will probably have killed 200-250 army guys (they count as enemies aswell in the event) and these will NOT count as infected civilians!
Still a very usefull guide and by far the fastest way of doing it. Its a big grind though for me, still need some 43k kills, yikes :-)
Posted by Woette on 23 Jun 13 at 11:56