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Unlocked "Tengu"

Play the Time Attack mode with various characters.

Unlocked Tengu0
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05 Feb 2011 07 Feb 2011
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A quick thing I'd point out, assuming you've already beaten all the story modes when you start going for this, and you're trying to get as many achievements as possible, you may not want to change the round settings as you can unlock a costume for most characters as well as clearing it as it will bring you one step closer to the all costumes unlocked achievement. For certain characters like Hitomi this might really help in lessening the repetition of redoing her story mode 5 times more.

Also Spartan-458, Ein, Leon and Gen Fu can only get costumes in Time Attack, as they do not have story modes.

The characters Brad Wong and Bayman don't need 2 rounds however, as you unlock their only unlockable costume in one playthrough of their story.
PlasticTIRNo, has to be single
Posted by PlasticTIR on 22 Mar 11 at 21:49
DaLeprechaunManThanks TIR you saved me alot of time since I had also assumed team counts towards it. I agree that this is more efficient method but recommend switching to 1 round if you're stuck on a character. Since you can use the shop to purchase outfits for any characters that I'm having trouble with.
Posted by DaLeprechaunMan on 22 Feb 12 at 18:04
DeadlyCarpetI have the achievement but no matter what I try it won't show up as earned on TA. It even says on Xbox it's unlocked. Any ideas?
Posted by DeadlyCarpet#245 on 15 Dec 18 at 03:19