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Endless Hunger

Consume 200 characters to boost your health.

Endless Hunger0
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TrX CheeksTrX Cheeks337,305
12 Jun 2009
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I started this process after finishing the first 2 missions. After that time there are soldiers wanderings the streets for you to consume saving the other achievement where you have to finish the game consuming 10 or fewer citizens. Just start consuming soldiers by grabbing them with B and hitting Y for the consume. If you happen to grab a citizen hit B again to throw them saving the secondary achievement. Also if you can't find soldiers for some reason just start hurling cars all over the place and this generally will attract enough attention to bring in soldiers.
Nath360skillzGreat solution, i recommend going into an infected zone to get this as loads of infected people will surround you and you can just pick up whoever's beside you.
Posted by Nath360skillz on 15 Jun 09 at 22:40
splicegraphGreat solution and thanks for the heads up on the other cheevo. Although I may be too late for it at this point in the game, I kinda got carried away consuming civilians.
Posted by splicegraph on 07 Jul 09 at 15:53