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Play 200 ranked Multiplayer matches

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jj carnagejj carnage262,222
10 Feb 2011 10 Feb 2011
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For me personally, i started counting hopefull of getting it dead on 200, but i can safely say its very unlikely this will happen. I also recommend not keeping count either, even if you think its a good idea, it will grow to taunt you. it took me over 600 games, and putting a line after every game just drives you insane.

Now if theres anyone that is actually still in for the long grind, there is a very easy method to boost it which takes about 3 minutes per game including loading times.

You will need a party of 6 minimum to start up games. One person must host, set it up on the map 'Den' with creature density on high, animus limit of 100 and alpha werewolves on.

Blue team will win every game just because it is easier that way. One person, from spawn, run down the corridor and jump down the trap hole. When you hit the floor turn left and walk forward about 3 metres and look up, you should see an alpha werewolf drop from the ceiling, Kill him and suck up the animus using 'Y'. Now do a full 180 and sprint using the 'LB' towards the animus machine, the first corridor on your right should take you there, drop down and hold 'Y' to fill the machine and there you go, one game done, 599 to least...

Best of luck guys :)

Oh and it makes no difference if you win or loose or anything like that, though i would suggest watching the cut scene and press 'A' and 'A' to leave, not 'B' and 'A'
ComanderDrizzlecarnage... I saw this and it just brought me back to them days of boosting with you... f- this game... good I hated those long hours of boosting but I had fun kicking it with the people we boosted with.... it was a bonding experience.
Posted by ComanderDrizzle on 19 Aug 12 at 05:40
Snitty 1If you do all 200 games in one sitting without disconnecting from live or going to the dashboard the achievement should unlock when it is supposed to.
Posted by Snitty 1 on 27 Aug 12 at 22:01
Homunculus Furykept track of every game played unlocked at 250. Not sure where I lost games but when I tried for the Follow the leader I played at least 25 games before it unlocked. also for the first 17 games I was hitting B then A so that might be where the extra 50 games went.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 10 Nov 12 at 06:27
ComanderDrizzleCarnage do you ever go back and check the leader board on this game to see if we are still on top from playing this abomination of a game for so long to get this achivo??
Posted by ComanderDrizzle on 07 Mar 13 at 03:15
jj carnageNope, I may have to do that next time I have access to my xbox, I'll let you know
Posted by jj carnage on 18 Mar 13 at 15:11