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Jeepers Peepers

Acquire the Eyeball costume.

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10 Feb 2011
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You are probably having trouble with the second piece. Right next to where you get the schematic for the eyeball costume (south of the secret cave right at the start), and next to the green river, you can drop almost straight down onto a broken bridge (right of the schematic, left of the river). Follow the bridge down, until on the left you find a zipline.

From the zipline there is a cave and there you go!
LavindatharIf you are going to write a solution, at least write the location of all three pieces.
Posted by Lavindathar on 07 Aug 11 at 16:50
Vr Englishnearly two years on, I thank you for this. The second piece is correct, the others all come at once in the cave, but this one was hard to find even with looking!
Posted by Vr English on 20 Nov 12 at 06:29