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Wild Thing

Successfully play 40 Wild or Wild Draw Four cards.

Wild Thing0
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M1lk Man7M1lk Man7171,000
11 Feb 2011
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A quick way that i have found to get this achievement and the other Card achievements is to play Uno House Rules. Once you are in the options screen make it a Standard game and standard deck. Then make the game score to 5000 this way the game wont end so fast. most importantly change the Draw Type to Draw until play and Forced play turned off. once these 2 key features are modified and the game begins draw the WHOLE deck this way you have multiple specialty cards. as the game goes on, you can keep drawing cards until you are able to play a specialty card and quickly get these achievements.
Troodon9999Is this just 40 cumulative or 40 in a single game? If cumulative this (and the skips, and the draw 2's) would seem to be easy to get, eventually... just by playing long enough.
Posted by Troodon9999 on 15 Apr 11 at 12:36
M1lk Man7its cumulative for all of the different card types.
Posted by M1lk Man7 on 17 Apr 11 at 17:29