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Attain 100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat.

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Tracking your Progress
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57 Missions
5 Rare Weapons
5 Jobs
13 Player Owned Houses
4 Challenges
20 Bounty Locations
6 Activities
18 Strangers
94 Locations
9 Outfits

Tracking your Progress:
Though this part is not necessary, it really helps out. Access the "Rockstar Social Club" from your menu in-game, and either sign up or log in. Link your game to your account, and you will be able to use the website to track your completion.

Helpful Links:
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Red Dead Redemption Wikia:
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U.S. Marshal Outfit Guide:

57 Missions (57%):
This is easily the first priority in attempting this achievement, as your progress in the other fields will be limited by how much of the main storyline you have completed. Luckily, this part pretty much speaks for itself. Missions will appear as giant letters on the map and mini-map, represented as small and shaded out when the mission is unavailable, and bright and larger when available. A mission will only be listed as unavailable due to the time of day.

Completing the main storyline not only automatically ticks off a couple of items on the other lists, but completing the first two chapters also gives you access to two new areas in the game. Note that completing the rest of the list as you can during your normal play through can be very efficient (especially things like the hunter challenges requiring you to find a particular animal, that you will probably find plenty of as you travel around completing the storyline). A lot of content listed below does require specific mission completions, so for the purpose of this guide I am assuming that you have completed the main storyline before you start ticking off other parts of this list.

5 Rare Weapons (2.5%):
There are 5 rare weapons that count towards completion, all of which must be purchased from their respective Gunsmith, and will unlock during the course of the main storyline. Two are bought from Escalera in Nuavo Paraiso, and Three from Blackwater in West Elizabeth. Prices reflect how much you will pay at low/high honor.

The LeMat Revolver: Purchased from the Escalera Gunsmith.
The Semi-Automatic Shotgun: Purchased for $1,000/$500 from the Escalera Gunsmith.
The Mauser Pistol: Purchased for $800/$400 from the Blackwater Gunsmith.
The Evans Repeater: Purchased for $1,000/$500 from the Blackwater Gunsmith.
The Carcano Rifle: Purchased for $1,100/$550 from the Blackwater Gunsmith.

5 Jobs (2.5%):
There are two jobs in Red Dead Redemption; Horsebreaking and Nightwatch. To complete this segment, you will need to complete the jobs at least once at each location in which they are made available.

Horsebreaking: Available during the day, and marked by a horse icon on the map. Lasso and break the wild horse, and store it in the local barn to complete this job.
* Ridgewood Farm
* Chuparosa

Nightwatch: Available at night, and marked by a crescent moon on the map. Follow the police dog, and subdue or kill any criminals to complete this job. Note that subduing the criminals rewards your more money.
* MacFarlane's Ranch
* Chuparosa
* Blackwater

13 Player Houses (2%):
Player Houses are the locations you purchase to save, re-stock and change costumes in, which also act as respawn locations when you die. Several locations are awarded to the player throughout the main storyline, while most have to be purchased.

Story-Progression: These locations will unlock during the story. In other words, if you have completed the game, these locations will already be marked off.
* MacFarlanes - Obtained once the player has been rescued by Bonnie MacFarlane at the start of the game.
* Irish's Shack - Obtained once Irish smuggles the player into Nuevo Paraiso.
* Blackwater - Obtained once the player returns to Blackwater.
* Beechers Hope - Obtained once the player frees their family by taking down the Van Dutch gang.
* Jack's Bed - Obtained once the player completes the main storyline.

Purchasable: These locations must be purchased, and can be identified as a blue house icon on the map. Note that some blue houses on the map represent rent-able locations, in which the player pays for a single use, and these do not count towards completion. Also note that a green house icon symbolizes an already-owned house.
* Armadillo: $50
* Thieve's Landing: $100
* Ratskeller Fort: $100
* Escalera: $150
* Chuparosa: $200
* Casa Madrugada: $250
* El Matadero: $150
* Manzanita Post: $400

4 Challenges (8%):
The challenges must all be completed, and comprise of ten tasks split up into two groups per category. You can check your progress in your journal under challenges, where they will appear once you have made any progress towards the first rank. Completing all challenges also rewards the "Legend of the West" outfit, as well as doubling your Dead-Eye regeneration, along with any other rewards the individual challenge completions may yield.

Treasure Hunter: Treasure Hunting basically consists of locating a series of gold bars using picture clues. Completing this challenge awards free stagecoach travel at Rank Six, and the Treasure Hunter's Satchel at completion allowing you to carry twice as many consumables. You will also be able to sell the gold bars for a large profit. At each specified location, you are looking for a distinct pile of rocks. If you are having any problems locating the treasure, try using the treasure map from your inventory and looking for visual cues. You will also find a more comprehensive guide at

* Rank One - Obtain the Treasure Map: The treasure map is obtained from the first treasure hunter random encounter. You will come across a treasure hunter being held up by criminals. You can either loot the map off his dead body, or save him to receive it as your reward.
* Rank Two - Rhode's Gold: Located at Hanging Rock; Look behind Hanging Rock, between the large rocks.
* Rank Three - Jackson's Gold: Located at Del Lobo Rock, look towards the river and use the map as a guide to locate a series of ledges to traverse and reach the treasure chest.
* Rank Four - Calhoun's Gold: Located in the basement of the mansion in Tumbleweed. Look for the cow skull marker.
* Rank Five - Tubman's Gold: Located near the river along Rio Del Toro. You will see a cow skull-marked tree, and find the chest on the other side of the furthest rock wall.
* Rank Six - Brown's Gold: Located on the tallest pillar near Crooked Toes.
* Rank Seven - Douglass' Gold: Under the giant rock arch of Ojo del Diablo.
* Rank Eight - Garrison's Gold: Face West-South-West of Roca de Madera and follow the narrow path below the top of the cliff.
* Rank Nine - Pickett's Gold: Located at Broken Tree in Beecher;s Hope, in the stone wall.
* Rank Ten - Stonewall's Gold: Head North-West from Manzanita Post and follow the windey path up towards Nekoti Rock. You will find the last chest inside the bear cave at the top of the path. For those that have faced Brumas in single player, it is the bear cave where he spawns.

Master Hunter: Hunting consists of hunting down and skinning various wild animals found throughout the game world. Note that although intended otherwise (most likely), any time you skin a required animal it goes towards the rank challenge, even if the kill conditions were not met. So if you have to, for example, knife kill a bear, and for whatever reason are unable to skin it, you can just kill any bear normally and skin it to mark it off. After completion of Rank Five, you will be able to purchase the Buffalo Rifle from a Gunsmith, a very powerful, single shot rifle. On completion of Rank Ten skinning animals will also yield Vittles, which act as another health-replenishing consumable. You will find a more comprehensive guide at

* Rank One - Kill and skin 5 Coyotes: Coyotes are found in New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso. They are pack animals, and you will usually find them travelling in pairs or groups of up to 6 so this shouldn't be too hard. Just be sure to use a fast-firing gun, as they tend to scatter and flee at the sound of gunshots. Not to be confused with regular wolves.
* Rank Two - Kill and Skin 5 Deer: Deer are found pretty much anywhere, but are far more frequent in Eastern New Austin. Not to be confused with bucks, which stand out with their large antlers.
* Rank Three - Kill and Skin 5 Wolves with your melee knife: Wolves are also found everywhere, but are more frequent in New Austin. Wolves are also more aggressive and travel in larger groups then coyotes. When trying to kill them with your knife, you can try either knifing them from atop your horse, or shooting them in the leg with a weak pistol to cripple them. It should only take one slash to kill one.
* Rank Four - Kill and Skin 5 Boars and 3 Armadillos: Boars are found North of MacFarlanes Ranch and in the Southern areas of Tall Trees typically. They tend to travel in groups of two or more, and are aggressive. Be warned that although one by itself is not too much trouble, they tend to work together quite effectively. Armadillos can be found, once again, North of MacFarlanes Ranch, near Odd Fellow's Rest, and all throughout Nuevo Paraiso. Note that high caliber weapons can render Armadillos un-skinnable, as when shot they tend to explode, leaving no corpse. Pistols are far more effective for hunting them.
* Rank Five - Kill and Skin 2 Cougars with your melee knife: Cougars can be a pain since their attacks knock you over, and can kill you in two hits. Once again, your best bet is to either cripple them with a weak pistol or try to kill them on horseback. Another strategy is to aim at them, and use dodges and rolls to dodge their pounces, leaving them open for a back stab. Be warned that they tend to travel in groups, and will use their speed and stealth to their advantage. You can find cougars prowling around in New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso.
* Rank Six - Kill and Skin 5 Racoon, 5 Skunks and 5 Foxes: Personally, this too me was the hardest rank to complete just because finding these animals can at times be difficult. Foxes are typically found all around West Elizabeth, but are far more abundant near the Wreck of the Serendipity. You will see the area marked with a picture of Foxes on the map. I also found the area around the stagecoach in Armadillo good for Racoon at night, and both Skunks and Racoon can be found along the road south from MacFarlanes Ranch, past the turn off to Warthington Ranch. Note that all three are reported to spawn where the Foxes spawn near the Wreck of the Serendipity, and North of MacFarlanes Ranch. Also note that rifles will render the corpses un-skinnable, and it is far advised to use a pistol.
* Rank Seven - Kill and Skin 5 Elk and 5 Bighorns: Both animals are frequent around Tall Trees, in West Elizabeth. The Elk will stick out with their giant antlers, and the Bighorns will stick out with their giant horns. They also travel in packs, so where there is one, there is sure to be more. The only real difficulty in this task is not getting eaten by a bear, which can easily be attracted by the gunshot or even the animal corpse.
* Rank Eight - Kill and Skin a Grizzly Bear with your melee knife: You will find Grizzlys in Tall Trees, and in theory this could well be the most difficult task, tho I managed to complete it quite quickly and easily. You definitely want to weaken the Grizzly, as they are strong enough to take head-shots from a rifle at times. Four body shots should do it. Also make sure there are no other Bears nearby, as one attracts others, and more can make this quite difficult if you do not quickly dispatch them. You can also lasso the bear, keeping it in place to set up a quick back stab. Note that Bears kill you in two hits, but unlike the cougar will not let you get back up before finishing you off, making them easily the most difficult animal to take on one on one.
* Rank Nine - Kill and Skin "Khan" the Legendary Cougar: Go to Oje del Diablo and start killing animals. You will eventually lure out Khan. Note that with legendary animals, they will only spawn when you have been tasked with killing them, and when they do you are both alerted and shown their position on the mini-map.
* Rank Ten - Kill and Skin "Gordo" the Legendary Boar, "Lobo" the Legendary Wolf, and "Brumas" the Legendary Bear: Lobo spawns in Aurora Basin, and Gordo spawns in Stillwater Creek, just West of Thieves Landing. Once again, kill other animals to lure them out if they are not already there. Brumas is located in the bear cave at the top of Nekoti Rock, where you find the last chest for Treasure Hunter Rank 10.

Sharpshooter: Sharpshooting pretty much involves shooting things and performing skill shots. Completing Rank Five rewards you with increase ammunition via your camp and house chest, and completing Rank Ten rewards you with faster Dead-Eye regeneration when you kill enemies. Note that all sharpshooter challenges will be made easier with the use of Dead-Eye, which you will not completely be able to use (to the ability of being able to manually mark multiple targets) until you complete your first Landon Ricketts mission in Nuevo Paraiso. A more comprehensive guide can be found at

* Rank One - Kill 5 Flying Birds: Flying Birds can be seen in the sky at pretty much every location, tho you will have an easier job seeing them during the day. You shouldn't have any problem taking them out. Just snap in and out of aiming to quick-aim at them, and if your still having problems try firing immediately in front of where their flying, or using Dead-Eye.
* Rank Two - Kill 5 Rabbits: Rabbits are typically found in grassy areas, near roads. Once again, use sticky aiming or Dead-Eye if your having trouble shooting them.
* Rank Three - Kill 5 Coyotes without taking any damage: Coyotes are typically found in packs around New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso. Just stay on your horse and shoot them dead. They should not even be able to get to you. If all else fails, Dead-Eye.
* Rank Four - Kill 5 Flying Birds from a moving train: Get on a train, and move between the carriages when it starts moving. You will be able to climb up on top of the carriage. From here, just kill 5 flying birds. This can easily be done in a single Dead-Eye. If you do not want to pay to ride the train, just ride along side a moving train, and when you get near the open area you will be prompted to jump on. Note that this will unlock the Social Club Marksman Challenge.
* Rank Five - Kill 2 different types of wild animals in 1 Dead-Eye: You must have at least completed the Nigel Dickens mission "You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit" to unlock Dead-Eye Level 2 (Level 1 only permits a single shot per use). Simply mark and kill two separate animal species in a single Dead-Eye use. If you can't find two different animals for whatever reason, simply target a ground animal in Dead-Eye, and look to the sky for a Bird.
* Rank Six - Shoot 2 hats off 2 different peoples heads: You can do this on anyone who has a hat on, tho if you do not want to attract unwanted attention from the law your safest bet is to seek out bandits and criminals at hideouts, or random encounters. Simply aim at the top of the hat and fire. Banditos wear sombreros, and Walters Gang wear top hats, which offer easy target, especially in Dead-Eye.
* Rank Seven - Kill 3 Grizzly Bears, each with 1 shot: Grizzly Bears are very common around Tall Trees, but can easily take a head-shot from a rifle. Your best bet is to use the Buffalo Rifle for its high power, and to aim right between the eyes in Dead-Eye. This appears to be the weak spot on bears.
* Rank Eight - Shoot the hats off 2 people, and disarm 2 people: Once again, seek out criminals through hideouts, bounties, random encounters or story missions. Shoot at the top part of their hats to shoot the hats off, and shoot either the gun or the arm holding the gun to disarm. If correctly done, their hats will fly off, or they will drop their guns. Note that you can disarm the same person multiple times, providing you do not kill them. After being disarmed an enemy will typically pull out another weapon or attempt to regain their dropped firearm.
* Rank Nine - Kill 6 animals without reloading or changing weapons: Equip your highest-capacity rifle, and take out either small animals like rabbits or foxes, or birds to easily cross this off. I personally took out 6 flying birds in one Dead-Eye.
* Rank Ten - Perform 6 Disarms without reloading or changing weapons: I found this the most tricky of all the challenges. Equip a rifle with high capacity and seek out a large group of enemies (a hideout works really good for this), and just aim for disarms. If you don't kill an enemy with a disarm, let them pick up their weapon or pull out another and get another. You can also disarm covering enemies using rifles, firing at the barrel that usually sticks out of cover. Note that Dead-Eye is not as effective for this rank, as entering Dead-Eye automatically reloads, resetting your count. If you want to use Dead-Eye, you will have to empty your gun until you are on your last clip, and be sure not to pick up any more ammunition from fallen enemies.

Survivalist: The Survivalist Challenges are simple in practice and only require you to collect a certain amount of each plant found throughout the game world. Completing Rank Five will extend the duration of Survivalist Maps from 20 minutes to 40 minutes, and completing Rank Ten will allow the brewing of Tonic whenever you pick a herb, which acts as another consumable that regenerates Dead-Eye. The general best tip for completing Survivalist is to just use a Survivalist Map. Survivalist Maps greatly extend the area in which herbs appear on the mini-map, pretty much guaranteeing that you will be able to locate them. Otherwise it is pretty much just luck.

* Rank One - 6 Wild Fever: Found in New Austin, typically around MacFarlanes Ranch. Short white flowers on leafy beds.
* Rank Two - 6 Desert Sage: Typically found around Gaptooth Ridge in New Austin. Pink-purple flowers amidst a green bush.
* Rank Three - 4 Red Sage: Found around Rio Bravo in New Austin. Red leafs with a green bed.
* Rank Four - 8 Prickly Pear: Found around Punta Orgullo in Nuevo Paraiso. Has the appearance of cacti with orange-red flowers.
* Rank Five - 7 Wooly Blue Curl: Found around Perdido and Chuparosa in Nuevo Paraiso. Short and green with indigo flowers.
* Rank Six - 8 Butterfly Weed: Located around Diez Coronas in Eastern Nuevo Paraiso. A green, long-stemmed plant with yellow flowers at the top.
* Rank Seven - 10 Hummingbird Sage: Located around Southern Tall Trees. Identifiable for its large, light blue leafs that stick out.
* Rank Eight - 12 Prairie Poppies: Located around Eastern Beechers Hope. A green bush with yellow flowers around the top.
* Rank Nine - 15 Golden Currant: Found around Western Great Plains in West Elizabeth. Large, green plants with a pearish shape.
* Rank Ten - 10 Violet Snowdrop Leaf and 2 of every other: Violet Snowdrops are found around the Northern areas of Tall Trees, and gets its name from its Violet colour that really helps it stand out. As for the rest, just go back and collect 2 of every other plant required for a previous rank. As a reminder, you can check your progress in the journal under challenges.

7 Gang Hideouts (3.5%):
Gang Hideouts are located both in New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso. Completing a hideout pretty much consists of approaching the location, and completing the objectives. Gang Hideouts will typically reward the player with a Pardon Letter, money, the possibility of a new weapon, and if it is the first time completing the hideout, the unlocking of the hideouts objectives under Social Club. Don't rush the hideouts, instead taking time to get use to the play out of each one. One of the outfits requires a speed run of the hideouts in New Austin, so consider this your practice run.

New Austin:
* Pike's Basin: Meet with the rancher outside the basin. From here you must make your way into the basin with the rancher, and make your way out escorting his cattle. Completed once you kill the last of the enemies.
* Twin Rocks: Meet with the rancher. From here your objective is to rescue his daughter. Be sure to take out the look outs higher up first, as they can do a lot more damage. From here, kill the rest of the gang members before being told to kill the leader. Go to the bedroom, and you will find him standing over her. Take him out before he can hurt her. Her survival is not necessary, but her death incurs a loss of 200 honor.
* Tumbleweed: Seek out the sheriff. From here your only objective is to kill all the outlaws. Start off in the town itself. Most are ground level, with a few hiding in buildings and 2 standing on the balcony of two buildings. When you approach the mansion, several will run out into cover. Several more will fire out the windows of the top floor, while a few will be in the basement.
* Gaptooth Breach: Locate the treasure hunter. He will tell you to find his friend, but now is a good time to clear out the area of enemies. Find his friend in the top floor of the railroad house. From here go to the mine entrance. Your objective from here is to get to the end, loot the treasure chest, and make it back out. The mine is filled with enemies, but you can easily take advantage of the oil lanterns and TNT crates and barrels scattered everywhere for easy environmental kills.
* Fort Mercer: You will find a man at the side of Fort Mercer near some crates. He will instruct you to get over the walls and help him in. You will be prompted to climb the wall, with the help of the man. Climb up onto the second level, and kill as many outlaws as you can. Make your way down to the main gate to let the man in. From here, make your way towards the opposite end of the fort, wiping out all the outlaws. Once you have killed all the outlaws, follow the man into the treasure room to complete this hideout.

Nuevo Pariaso:
* Tesoro Azul: Wipe out all the Banditos, and take out the gang leader holding the soldier hostage. The later can easily be done in Dead-Eye, and regardless the player can not shoot the soldier as they are considered a friendly target. I just held my cross-hair over the area the two were moving around and kept firing. When the soldier was in the way, nothing would happen, and when he moved out the way I landed a head-shot.
* Nosalida: Speak to the general outside, and proceed to kill all the rebels and torch all the houses with Fire Bottles. Note that you can get more Fire Bottles from next to the general, and although the army appears to assist you, their bullets do nothing.

20 Bounty Locations (2%):
Bounty Hunting is simple. Wait around in a town that supports it long enough and a bounty will be posted. After accepting it, the "last known whereabouts" appears on your map. You can get here however you want. When you arrive, kill all the enemies. You should leave the bounty target alive for the bigger reward. If you kill the target, loot their body. If not, lasso, hogtie and chuck them on your horse. From here quick travel is disabled and you must make it to the jail whilst evading or eliminating more gang members that will follow you on horse back. The targets themselves do not count towards completion, only the locations you go to capture them. However, you won't go to the same location twice unless you have completed all the locations in that area.

Try to aim for bringing back bounties alive, as at least one outfit requires a particular bounty type being returned alive, as well as the obvious benefit of being rewarded double the money as if you returned the target dead.

New Austin: Starts from Armadillo, Rathskeller Fork, or MacFarlane's Ranch, ends at Armadillo.
* The Hanging Rock
* Rattlesnake Hollow
* Mercer Station
* Rio del Lobo
* Silent Stead
* Repentance Rock
* Brittlebrush Trawl
* Mescalero

Nuevo Paraiso: Start from El Presidio, Escalera or Chuparosa, and finish at Chuparosa.
* Plata Grande
* Sepulcro
* Barranca
* Ojo del Diablo
* Rancho Polvo
* Primera Quebrada
* Laguna Borrego
* Hendidura Grande

West Elizabeth: Start from Blackwater or Mansanita Post and finish at Blackwater.
* Bearclaw Camp
* Nekoti Rock
* Aurora Basin
* Tanner's Reach

6 Mini Games (3%):
The 6 mini-games present in Red Dead Redemption only need to be completed with profit to count towards completion. This means if you win your first game, and leave with more money then you started, it will complete. They can be played at any location, and do not have to be completed at each location like with the jobs. Note that every single one of these activities have to be played further to unlock particular outfit scraps, completing stranger tasks or unlocking other achievements.

Five Finger Fillet: Five Finger Fillet is available at Manzanita Post, Thieves Landing, Torquemada, Armadillo, and Escalera. It's icon on the map is an open palm, and when active, you should see at least one NPC sitting at a table with a knife.

The premise is simple. Make your bet, and try and complete the knife rotation in less time then it takes the NPC. You will see what button to press in the spaces of your open hand on the table during your turn, and the full button map is displayed on the NPCs palm during their turn.

You should only have to beat a single NPC to win money and tick this off, but if you want to kill two birds with one stone, beating all the opponents at Torquemada rewards a scrap of the Reyes Rebels outfit.

Also be sure to wait out the opponents turn, as when you hit skip, the clock stops and you will be given less time to complete your turn then if you had of waited it through.

Arm Wrestling: Arm Wrestling is available at Agave Viejo, the Pacific Union R.R. Camp, Plainview and El Matadero. The icon on the map is a raised arm, and when active you should see someone sitting at a table.

Arm Wrestling is a simple mini-game. Tapping X pushes and holding defends. Just defend when the opponent is straining, and push X and let the stamina meter fill back up.

Once again you can kill two birds with one stone, as defeating all the opponents at Arm Wrestling at the Pacific Union R.R. Camp rewards a U.S. Army Outfit scrap.

Blackjack: Available at Thieves Landing, Blackwater, Rathskeller Fork, and Chuparosa, and shown on the map as a club card.

Blackjack pretty much involves trying to beat the dealer in value without going over 21.

To play, you need to pay a 'buy in' that ranges from $30 to $50, and gives the player 100 chips for every $10. To add to completion, you just have to leave the table with more chips then you started with. Start out on the lowest bet, and each time you do not win, go up by one. Your first win should put you 2 chips over your start.

Horseshoes: Shown on the map as a horseshoe and available at Las Hermanas, Rathskeller Fork and MacFarlanes Ranch.

Horseshoes consists of lining up the horseshoe (aim with LT), and throwing with RT. As long as you pull back and let go when the cursor is just before the middle, you should be fine.

Each turn, the closest two horseshoes inside the sandbox reward points, and the first to 11 and a 2 point advantage wins. Throwing a horseshoe that lands around the center pole awards 3 points, and unlocks an achievement.

Liars Dice: Liars Dice can be found at Escalera, Casa Madrugada, and Thieves Landing and is shown on the map as a dice.

After shuffling their dice, players take turns bidding on dice faces on the table. You can also call out the previous players bluff, or declare it spot on. If you catch someone out, they lose a dice, but if your wrong you lose one. Last player on the table wins.

It is a simple enough game. Try and keep honest, because if you stay honest you can't lose. If the NPC before you makes a large bet, they are likely bluffing. Also keep note of how many dice are actually in play. If a player has 3 dice and declares that there are 6 sixs, you know they are bluffing.

Poker: Shown on the map as a poker chip, poker is available all throughout the map, including Armadillo, Blackwater, Chuparosa and Thieves Landing.

Buy in ranges from $10 to $250, and aslong as you quit with more chips then you started, it will count.

The Poker played is Texas Hold'em.

18 Strangers:
Strangers appear all around the map and provide small sub-missions with often zany and mysterious plot. Completed strangers appear under Stats > Strangers, and strangers you have otherwise already met appear in your journal. I'll stick with locations for completing the tasks without trying to spoil the story, but if your still having trouble, locations will be marked with a purple shade on the map, and when you are within range, will turn into a purple question mark labeling the exact location. Most of the time.

Also note that both strangers themselves, and parts of the stranger task may only become available once the player has completed a certain mission. If the player has completed the game, next steps may still not appear on the map straight away. If this is the case, rest or save your game and it should appear.

Let No Man Put Asunder:
1: Talk to Alma Horlick outside of Coot's Chapel near Armadillo
2.1: Talk to Alan Harling in Armadillo Saloon and pay him $5 or
2.2: Capture and return his wife, Rose. You will find her at the train station.
3: Find Peter Turner at Old Fellow's Rest

Aztec Gold:
1: Talk to Basilio Aguirre in Sidewinder Gulch
2: Find the first piece of the map in Sidewinder Gulch
3: Find the second piece of the map near Primera Quebrada.
4: Find the last piece of the map near Alta Cabeza.
5: Talk to Basilio in El Matadero.
6: Follow Basilio into the caves and find the treasure.

1: Talk to Sam Odessa in Gaptooth Ridge.
2: Talk to Sam Odessa near Cueva Seca.
3: Talk to Sam Odessa in Gaptooth Ridge.
4: Find Sam Odessa near Tumbleweed.
5: Deliver the letter to the Telegraph Office in Armadillo.

American Appetites:
1: Speak to Grace Anderson in Armadillo.
2: Investigate Hanging Rock.
3: Speak to the weeping man in Armadillo.
4: Investigate Hanging Rock.
5: Speak to the weeping woman in Armadillo.
6: Speak to Randall Forrester in Hanging Rock.
7: Capture the man and return him to Randall

Flowers for a Lady:
1: Talk to Billy West near Stillwater Creek.
2: Collect 3 Wild Feverfew from around Hennigan's Stead.
3: Collect 3 Red Sage from around Rio Bravo.
4: Collect 3 Desert Sage from around Gaptooth Ridge.
5: Return to Billy in Hennigan's Stead.

1: Speak to Uriah Tollets in Chuparosa.
2: Pick up the package from the docks in Nosalida.
3: Deliver the package to Juan de la Vara in El Matadero.
4: Return to Chuparosa and talk to Tollets.

Funny Man:
1: Speak to Jimmy Saint at the train station in Benedict Point.
2: Free Jimmy inside the mine at Gaptooth Breach.
3: Free Jimmy inside Pike's Basin.
4: Free Jimmy inside Tesoro Azul.

Who Are You to Judge?:
1: Speak with Jeb Blankenship at Rathskeller Fork.
2: Search Tumbleweed for Jeb's lost love.
3: Bring Jeb's love back to Jeb in Rathskeller Fork.

Deadalus and Son:
1: Speak to Charles Kinnear, on a ridge between Casa Madrugada and Agave Viejo.
2: Gather 20 feathers from any combination of birds.
3: Collect 10 Red Sage from around Rio Bravo.
4: Collect 5 beaver furs from beaver around the river side of Tall Trees, near the Wreck of the Serendipity or west of the Pacific Union Camp, to name a few.
5: Return the materials to Kinnear on his ridge near Casa Madrugada and Agave Viejo.
6: Return in a day to witness Kinnear's maiden voyage.

Jenny's Faith:
1: Speak with Jenny, east of Ridgewood Farm.
2: Return to Jenny with medicine.

Eva in Peril:
1: Intervene in the assault in Casa Madrugada.
2: Pay Mario Alcalde $200 for Eva Cortes' freedom.
3: Speak to the nun in Las Harmanas.
4: Speak to Mario in the graveyard of Spulcro.
5: Defeat Mario in a duel. Go straight for killshots. He is a good duelist and can not be disarmed.

Lights, Camera, Action:
1: Talk to D.S. MacKenna in the Cinema at Armadillo.
2: Win a game of Liar's Dice at Thieves' Landing.
3: Talk to Spatchcock at Benedict Point.
4: Disarm Spatchcock in a duel.
5: Speak to MacKenna at the Pacific Union Railroad Camp.

Love is the Opiate:
1: Speak with Zhou at the Butchery in El Matadero
2: Break a Hungarian Half-Bred. You will find one riding around north of Diez Coronas, in the area marked by the pictures of horses. It is the white healthy one. Alternatively, if you have already broken one, you can use a deed.
3: Return the horse to Juan de la Vara in El Matadero. You will not lose any deeds.
4: Speak to Zhou at the Chuparosa train station.

American Lobbyist:
1: Speak to the man in the gazebo in Blackwater Plaza.
2: Speak to the gossiper in the Blackwater Bank.
3: Speak to the man in the gazebo in Blackwater Plaza.

The Prohibitionist:
1: Speak with Abner Forsyth outside of the Blackwater Saloon.
2: Speak with Oliver Phillips at the Blackwater Docks.
3: Speak with (or kill) Abner Forsyth outside of the Blackwater Saloon.
4: Speak with Oliver Phillips at the Blackwater Docks.

Remember My Family:
1: Speak with Howard Sawicki in Blackwater.
2: Speak with Emily Ross at Lake Don Julio.
3: Speak with Phillip Ross near Rio del Toro.
4: Speak with Edgar Ross further down the San Luis River.
5: Defeat Edgar Ross in a duel.

Water and Honesty:
1: Speak to Andrew McAllister at the camp between MacFarlane's Ranch and Armadillo.
2: Ride to Pleasance House and speak with Clyde Evans.
3: Purchase or take the deed to Pleasance House.
4: Speak with McAllister at his camp between MacFarlane's Ranch and Armadillo.

The Wronged Woman:
1: Speak to Clara LaGuerta, at the Blackwater Chapel.
2: Speak with Harold Thornton in Blackwater Saloon.
3: Duel and loot Harold Thornton.
4: Return to Clara at the Blackwater Chapel.
5: Return to Blackwater Chapel and speak with Elizabeth Thornton in the cemetery.

94 Map Locations:
This can be accomplished by exploring the map, but really all you pretty much need to do is purchase and use the various in game maps from the respective general store. This is where the social club tracker really shines. At the bottom of their 100% tracker page, you will find a map covered in circles. Each circle represents a location, and the shading of the circle represents whether you have discovered the location. If your missing 1 or 2 locations, look over this map and find the places your missing, and either discover them, or check the nearest map merchant.

You will find maps for sale in the general store at the following:
MacFarlarne's Ranch
Thieves' Landing
Manzanita Post

You will find maps for sale in the gunsmith at the following:

9 Outfits:
There are 9 outfits that count towards game completion. You can check outfit completion status from your menu under 'outfits'. You can also track the completion of individual outfits from here, which will mark locations on your map.

* Scrap 1: Inside a chest located inside the camp ion the east end of Sidewinder Gulch. Look for three squares marking the location on the map.
* Scrap 2: Complete a Nightwatch job in Chuparosa.
* Scrap 3: Defeat all players in a round of Liar's Dice in Casa Madrugada. This pretty much just means play until you win money.
* Scrap 4: Capture a Bandito Bounty alive. Bandito Bounties are posted in Escalera, Chuparosa, and El Presidio. Not to be confused with a Criminal Bounty, which is also posted at these locations.
* Scrap 5: Defend any mexican innocent from a Bandito attack (random encounters).
* Scrap 6: Purchase from the general store in Chuparosa.

Bollard Twins:
* Scrap 1: Inside a chest in the upstairs room of the warehouse on the pier in Thieves' Landing. It is the same warehouse you are in during a mission with Irish.
* Scrap 2: Complete a Nightwatch job in MacFarlane's Ranch.
* Scrap 3: Win a game of Horseshoes at MacFarlane's Ranch.
* Scrap 4: Claim a Bollard Twins Bounty alive. These bounties are posted at MacFarlane's Ranch and Armadillo.
* Scrap 5: Defend an innocent from Hennigan's Stead from a Bollard Twins attack (random encounter).
* Scrap 6: Purchase for $150 from the tailor at Thieves' Landing.

Purchased at the tailors in Thieves' Landing

Unlocked with the first purchase of a house in Mexico. Unconfirmed whether this includes the house already given to the player when they reach Mexico, thus making this a story-driven outfit.

Unlocked in the fourth act of the main storyline.

Reyes' Rebels:
* Scrap 1: Inside a chest along the southern wall of the cemetery in Sepulcro.
* Scrap 2: Complete the Stranger side-mission "Poppycock".
* Scrap 3: Complete a Horsebreaking job in Chuparosa.
* Scrap 4: Complete the Stranger side-mission "Love is the Opiate".
* Scrap 5: Defeat all the opponents at Five Finger Fillet in Torquemada.
* Scrap 6: Purchase from the general store in Escalera.

Treasure Hunter:
* Scrap 1: Inside a chest in the small house north-west of the intersection in Silent Stead.
* Scrap 2: Complete the Stranger side-mission "California".
* Scrap 3: Make a profit playing Blackjack in Rathskeller Fork. Start on the lowest bid, and raise it by one each time untill you win. Quit as soon as you win, and you should have it.
* Scrap 4: Claim a Treasure Hunter Bounty alive. These bounties are mostly posted at Rathskeller Fork.
* Scrap 5: Complete the Gaptooth Breach Hideout.
* Scrap 6: Purchase at the tailor in Thieves' Landing for $250.

U.S. Army:
* Scrap 1: Inside a chest in the small cabin on the lake of Aurora Basin.
* Scrap 2: Defeat all opponents at Arm Wrestling in the Pacific Union Railroad Camp.
* Scrap 3: Eliminate all the players at Poker in Blackwater. If you have the Elegant Suit, you can just get caught cheating by all but one player, and defeat them in a duel. That way you only have one person you have to eliminate.
* Scrap 4: Complete the Stranger side-mission "Lights,Camera, Action".
* Scrap 5: Complete a Nightwatch job at Blackwater.
* Scrap 6: Purchase from the Tailor at Blackwater.

U.S. Marshal:
Available after the player has completed the game, to unlock the U.S. Marshal outfit, you are required to complete all the New Austin Hideouts in 24 game hours.

First off, be sure to have a good repeater, one of the 3 star horses and heaps of dead-eye replenishments and medicine. As an example, I had the Evans Repeater, the Hungarian Half-Bred, and a Treasure Hunters Satchel stocked with medicine, tobacco, moonshine, snake oil, vittles and tonic. I probably used most of the medicine, as I played recklessly, and a fair few moonshines. Better to be overstocked, if anything.

Quick travel is out of the question, as it automatically adds 6 hours on to the game clock. Dieing does not have this effect to my knowledge, but it can put you out of the way when you re-spawn. Stick to the main roads, and as long as you whip your horse every four gallops, your horses stamina should never go down.

I completed the Hideouts in this order: Gaptooth Breach, Tumbleweed, Fort Mercer, Twin Rocks and Pike's Basin. It can just as easily be done in reverse order. This is just the recommended order posted on the wikia to prevent having to double back for a different location.

It is also recommended that you complete the hideouts individually first, especially as the first time can incur extra objectives that do not return when you complete them again.

You should be able to complete Gaptooth Breach without any problems if you wear the Treasure Hunter outfit. It is reported that with this outfit on, since Treasure Hunters are not aggressive unless attacked, you should be allowed to literally walk down to the chest, grab it, and walk out.

For all the rest, just focus on killing all the enemies. There are other objectives here and there, but thats pretty much it.

For a more comprehensive guide to completing this particular outfit, see
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MrLister92the last bounty i need i have done about 5 times and i've captured him alive and still no achievement, any suggestions how i can make it pop up?
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