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Titanus Ferrum
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Posted on 15 February 11 at 22:56, Edited on 15 February 11 at 23:01
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Blitz: The League, a continuation of the Blitz series that makes it fun and enjoyable to play “D” and bring the pain to those who stand in your way.

The game fills the void for all the football nuts like myself who believe that referees are completely worthless, wish to play by tougher rules, and always wanted to play a football game in the light that exists in the real world.

This was the first Blitz game that did not have an NFL license (which a certain publisher got exclusive rights to in fear of competition) meaning the developers finally had free reign to make the game they always wanted. Unfortunately they did not get the resources they needed to produce a game that meets up to the current standards. A failing publisher and poor sales expectations saw to that resulting in a port from the original Xbox version.

Though the game may have its technical flaws it is still a fun experience and one that will make you laugh in the wicked sense because you enjoy the bone crunching action and even more that you aren’t the one actually on the field. Why get injured when you can watch people do it to each other in the name of glory, women, and money? This is what makes this blue football presentation worth it.

As stated above this is a port from the previous version on the original xbox. The menu system is sometimes difficult to navigate and it doesn't give you the feedback feeling that you are navigating through it correctly. The story is your standard formula where a rookie on the rise and a veteran trying to retire on his terms team up to bring a football franchise to the big time. The fun part is getting into bar fights and completing bounties applied on certain games or players. The little things like challenges add a certain flair to this game. The tutorial does do a good job explaining what is what assuming you use it and the control scheme feels about standard and nothing special. (4/10)

The graphics were ported, nuf said! (3/10)

The voice acting was marginal but knowing that Bill Romanowski and The original LT Lawrence Taylor were behind them is great for football nuts like myself but as we all know celebrities do not always make good actors, the rest of them werent convincing either. It was very clear on the graphics and sound that this game had a limited budget. Over time the sound effects get very repetitive but its nice to hear an entire stadium yell Bull***t and other profane words when the home team is getting whooped. (5/10)

This is the meat of the game and the reason to buy it. The developers of Blitz do what no other developers do: Make it fun to play Defense and bring the pain with no refs, problem is you have to play on offense eventually which takes away from the thrill of this game. All the Maddenites might disagree with me but a lack of playbook selection and player details keeps the game simple and enjoyable. Some might complain that this game promotes cheating, news flash: when there are no rules you can’t cheat. An 8-man team, 30 yard 1st downs, no penalties, topped off with juiced up psychopaths makes for an interesting game. Ok, I was wrong, there are a few rules but not many. The clash meter is confusing at first but once understood as thought in the tutorial makes for an interesting game, especially once you earn enough clash for unleashed, I will say no more I don’t want to spoil anything. In all this fits the needs for the football nuts and anyone looking for someone different from the run of the mill Politically Correct football games. (9/10)

Lasting Appeal:
The game offers a variety of “Quick Play” modes which are exhibition games with added obstacles, some have to be unlocked but are worth it. From butterfingaz to bonecrushers you will have an open bar of options to choose from. There is also online which is about the same as playing a standard game except against a real person. Too bad no one plays online anymore except to celebrate viral awareness month or to boost. (7/10)

Game Sub-Score, not an average: 6/10

Cheap Tricks/Corporate greed:
Since this is my first review I’ll give an explanation to this, Unlike other professional reviewers out there I don’t just bitch about corporate greed. I dock points in the final review to send a clear message that some things wont be tolerated. I also don’t work for an editor or publisher getting kickback money in exchange for a great review, so much for unbiased journalism.

I’m also not a professional journalist for the reason that I suck at writing. But remember for what I may lack in ability I do try my best and I am one of the people writing on behalf of the people, not just to insure I keep my job.

In the end most people out there don't understand whats going on and accept what is being done because this kind of thing is limited to look like an opinion. Publishing is a business and I believe in business.... to a point. When excessive nickel and dimeing is applied that is where I draw the line. In the end what it boils down to is that people pay into this stuff so companies will take advantage of the situation, I hope to do my part to end it.

Here it is:
Online Pass/Pay to play: None present
In-Game advertising: None present
Annual Release: Not this game
Emphasis on purchasing accessories: None
0 deduction

This section will need some polishing over time but in some games you will see 0.25-2 point deductions from the overall score directly depending on how flagrant the offense is. Basically what I look for is when I buy a game for an agreed price, thats it, DLC down the road is fine if the game is good but I will not tolerate nickel and diming after you paid an agreed price for the game, thats just plain wrong and deceptive. If companies really want more money just charge a flat out higher price for it.


Since this is the point of interest among the viewers I’ll get to it. This will not be a quick and easy 1000. You will have to play a lot and do some boosting and make sure your timing is correct for some of the achievements. I am also working on a guide for this game, but I would prefer some feedback on a review to figure out where I stand and need to improve writing-wise before giving the final product.

Well thank you for taking the time to read my first review here. I am always open to suggestions and do feel free to let me know what you think, if negative please let me know how I can improve in a professional manner, I will ignore cheap comments. Thank you everyone and I will have the guide up soon.

In the opinion forums I would gladly give the game 6 stars but I try to do this professionally and accurately. It was not easy giving a game I love 3 stars.

JoeCool7835 I like your stance when it comes to game reviews, but I hope your business deductions in future reviews will be taken in context. An ad billboard in Skate's world is fine; it adds to the reality of the world. The ecko* promotion and Achievement in Test Drive Unlimited was pure whoring. Great start to what I hope will be many great unbiased reviews. :-)
Posted by JoeCool7835 on 16 Feb 11 at 01:02
Titanus Ferrum I hope to stay that way, I need a lot of work though. I don't think I'm quite ready to run the story of Bulletstorm for FOX news though, I'm afraid I would be fired for giving it a good review.

I always conceder the proper fitting for ads and stuff like that but too bad big business has taken over the gaming industry. The problem is that a new generation of gamers thinks all this stuff is ok because the never knew a better world. I only hope to bring light of these things.

There are games where the ads change, especially on EA games, that is what my focus will mostly be. I may miss things but I can only review on my observations.

I can't wait to write a review for Madden 11.
Posted by Titanus Ferrum on 16 Feb 11 at 01:16
Doominatorx6 I just picked this up since I love over-the-top & unrealistic sports games, and you pretty much nailed it here.

The production values are horrible, but it's another example of fun outweighing shitty design... right?
Posted by Doominatorx6 on 26 Feb 11 at 17:29
M0NKEY R4NGER I like this game, but am frustrated with my last achievement, Juiced. I think I may finally have it this time, but I am taking my time playing through this time as I have other games I want to play also.
All in all a pretty good review
Posted by M0NKEY R4NGER on 14 Apr 11 at 05:02
Titanus Ferrum I have a guide posted for the Juiced achievement. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message via TA.

Thank you for the complement.
Posted by Titanus Ferrum on 14 Apr 11 at 20:28