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TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Get at least 50 survivors out of the mall.

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Dead Rising Multi-Achievement Walkthrough

Source: GeistCH,
GeistCH's Guide (Edited to help with multiple achievements.)

Source: NighthawkJoV,
NighthawkJoV's Guide (Inserted because it was a great idea and asset to this guide.)
I pieced together the following guide from other guides to make a helpful guide
that I hope can allow people obtain multiple achievements during one playthrough.

By using this guide you CANNOT get Saint & Transmissionary in the same playthrough.

During my Saint playthrough I only missed "The Coward".
Try and plan ahead and save often or with multiple devices in case of mistakes.
Some calls and/or survivors WILL NOT happen/appear if there are more than 8 in the mall.
You may take more frequent security room trips than the guide suggests; I did.
Like I said plan ahead and pay attention to DR Time (press left directional.)
If you see zombies dancing differently or raising arms kill them ASAP! They hold queens.
I Would Use the Real Mega Buster during this guide. (Because of time constraints.)
Always drop it before you go into the security room as it will respawn with full ammo.

By using this guide you CAN potentially obtain the following achievements.

Freefall (Fall from shelves in warehouse.)
Photojournalist (Take a photo of Jeff & Natalie hugging.)
The Artiste (Take a photo of Jeff & Natalie hugging.)
Carjacker (Kill all 3 convicts in the jeep. Drive jeep.)
Humanist (Save SURVIVORS) *Receive at the end of the playthrough.
Portraiture (Take photos of SURVIVORS)
Self Defense (Kill PSYCHOS)
Life Saver (Save SURVIVORS) *Receive at the end of the playthrough.
Psycho Photo (Take photos of PSYCHOS)
Peace Keeper (Kill PSYCHOS)
Psycho Collector (Take photos of PSYCHOS)
Punisher (Kill PSYCHOS)
Census Taker (Take photos of SURVIVORS)
Saint (If you DO stop at The Last Resort.) *Receive at the end of the playthrough.
3 Day Survivor
Transmissionary (If you DO NOT stop at The Last Resort.)

You can potentially obtain more if you choose to/have time for it.
Remember to fully finish your playthroughs as certain achievements nets different attires.
These will be in the security room for all future playthroughs.
Good Luck.
Sometimes OVER THERE (Waypoint) is better than FOLLOW ME (Spam Y). It is up to you.

Survivors are labeled as [SURVIVOR]. (53 of these.)
Survivors needed to fill rooms to continue calls are labeled as [SECURITY ROOM]. (15 of these.)
Survivors needed ABSOLUTELY to continue calls are labeled as [CRITICAL]. (7 of these.)
Otis Transmissionary Calls are labeled as [OTIS]. (39 of these.)

One final note: this walkthrough doesn't have to run into overtime but it can if you choose to.
After completing 7-2 and you get the 5pm call about Jessie you can just let the case run out.
(1) After the opening sequences, head to the roof to find Jeff and Natalie.
[SURVIVOR 1][SECURITY ROOM 1]--->#19 Jeff - Right side of the roof.
[SURVIVOR 2][SECURITY ROOM 2]--->#20 Natalie - Left side of the roof.
[OTIS 1]->Enter Warehouse, Warehouse Intro
Go to food court to fight Carlito.
Follow Brad to speak to Barnaby.
[OTIS 2]->3pm-ish, Cut from the Same Cloth Scoop

(2) After Barnaby is spoken to, go to the upper level of Entrance Plaza to "In the Closet."
[SURVIVOR 3][SECURITY ROOM 3]---> #21 Bill - Behind boxes In the Closet's...closet.
[OTIS 3]->After 1-3, Entrance Plazo Intro.
Wait at the entrance to Al Fresca Plaza until 4pm.
[OTIS 4]->4pm, Barricade Pair Scoop.
[OTIS 5]->Between 4pm and 5pm, A Mother's Lament Scoop.

(3) Once you've received both Barricade Pair and A Mother's Lament scoops enter & do both.
[SURVIVOR 4][SECURITY ROOM 4]--->#26 Burt - Barricaded in the Clothing Store with Aaron.
[SURVIVOR 5][SECURITY ROOM 5]--->#27 AAron - Barricaded in the Clothing Store with Burt.
[SURVIVOR 6]--->#28 Leah - In the Jewelry Shop in Al Fresca.
Go to the Food Court.
[OTIS 6]->Food Court Intro.
Exit to Leisure Park.

(4) You now have to kill the convicts.
[SURVIVOR 7][SECURITY ROOM 6]--->#25 Sophie - Chased by convicts in Leisure Park.
Enter Paradise Plaza.

(5) Inside Paradise Plaza do "Cut from the Same Cloth".
Miss this scoop=miss future survivor. Photo 1=Kent shooting. Photo 2=Kent fist pump.
Head back to the security room.

(6) Go to North Plaza.
[PSYCHO 1]-->Kill Cletus in the gun shop.
[OTIS 7]->North Plaza Intro.
[OTIS 8]->9pm, Out of Control Scoop Call.
[OTIS 9]->10pm, Japanese Tourists Scoop call.

(7) Wait until 10pm, then head into Wonderland Plaza.
[OTIS 10]->Wonderland Plaza Intro.
[SURVIVOR 8]--->#31 Yuu - Japanese Tourist, Use book on the floor to talk.
[SURVIVOR 9]--->#32 Shinji - Japanese Tourist, Use book on the floor to talk.

(8) Go to the ride.
[PSYCHO 2]-->Kill Adam, stop ride
[SURVIVOR 10]--->#30 Greg - Stuck on the Space Ride in WP.
Escort Greg to the PP/WP bathroom shortcut.
[OTIS 11]->11pm, Shadows in North Plaza scoop call.

(9) Head to North Plaza, do Shadows in North Plaza scoop.
[SURVIVOR 11]--->#33 David - in Empty store in North Plaza.
Head back to security.

(10) Do Case 1-4.
[OTIS 12]->6am, Otis calls to tell you Jessie wants to see you.
Go see Jessie. Head out to do case 2-2.
[OTIS 13]->During 2-2 Otis calls to tell you the EP/PP gate is open.
[OTIS 14]->7am, The Lovers scoop call.

(11) Do Case 2-3.
[PSYCHO 3]-->Kill Steven.
[OTIS 15]->Supermarket Intro transmission, during 2-3.
Head to Wonderland Plaza
[SURVIVOR 12]--->#34 Tonya - Lovers Scoop
Use the bathroom shortcut and return to the security room.
[OTIS 16]->8am, Hatchet Man scoop call.

(12) Head back out to Paradise Plaza
[OTIS 17]->9am, The Coward scoop call.
Pamela and Heather will have appeared.
[SURVIVOR 14][SECURITY ROOM 7]--->#40 Heather - Hiding inside Child's Play.
[SURVIVOR 15][SECURITY ROOM 8]--->#41 Pamela - Outside Child's Play.
Exit out the Leisure Park doors and wait there for 11am.
[OTIS 18]->11am, Otis calls to say medicine works, and Jessie wants to see you.
[OTIS 19]->11am, The Restaurant Man scoop call.
Step back inside and save Ronald from Jill's.
[SURVIVOR 16][CRITICAL 1]--->#43 Ronald - In Jill's Sandiwches. Snack at fountain.
Return to security.

(13) Case 3-1 Cutscene.
Head to Al Fresca Plaza and do "The Coward".
[SURVIVOR 17]--->#42 Gordon - The Coward (Kicking him helps.)
[OTIS 20]->Noon, Above the Law scoop call.

(14) Do "The Hatchet Man" scoop in North Plaza.
[PSYCHO 4]-->Kill Cliff.
Get the survivors from the room outside of Crislips.
[SURVIVOR 18][SECURITY ROOM 9]--->#37 Josh - One of Cliff's captives.
[SURVIVOR 19][SECURITY ROOM 10]--->#38 Barbara - One of cliff's captives.
[SURVIVOR 20][SECURITY ROOM 11]--->#39 Rich - One of Cliff's captives.
Exit to Leisure Park, go to Paradise Plaza.
You must do this to save Tad later.
Show Kent your photo. Erotica photo of 700 or higher. (Sophie sitting)
Go to Wonderland Plaza through the bathroom.

(15) Do "Above the Law" scoop.
[PSYCHO 5]-->Kill Jo, Rescue Ladies.
[SURVIVOR 21]--->#46 Kay - Jo's captive.
[SURVIVOR 22]--->#47 Lilly - Jo's captive.
[SURVIVOR 23]--->#48 Kelly - Jo's Captive
[SURVIVOR 24]--->#49 Janet - Jo's Captive
Return to Security Room.
[OTIS 21]->3pm, Otis calls saying he saw Isabella on the monitor.

(16) 4-1 Cutscene.
Return to Paradise Plaza.
Jennifer should be here after a cutscene when the raincoat cult first appear.
[SURVIVOR 25]--->#44 Jennifer - Girl in the Box.
Go to Wonderland Plaza via the Bathroom Shortcut.
Head to the south bunny to save Nick and Sally.
[SURVIVOR 26][SECURITY ROOM 12]--->#50 Sally - Bunny-hanger.
[SURVIVOR 27][SECURITY ROOM 13]--->#51 Nick - Bunny-hanger.
[OTIS 22]->5pm, Antique Lovers scoop call.
[OTIS 23]->5pm, Mark of the Sniper scoop call.
[OTIS 24]->5pm, Woman Who Didn't Make It scoop call.

(17) Go to Paradise Plaza via the bathroom, then to Entrance Plaza.
When you enter Entrance Plaza you'll see the sniper cutscene.
Mark a waypoint near the bottom of the escalator. (Protects survivors from bullets.)
[PSYCHO 6, 7, and 8]-->Kill Jack, Roger, and Thomas.
Go back downstairs and get your survivors.
[OTIS 25]->7pm, Ronald's Apetite Request call.
Go to Gramma's Kids and save Jollie.
Go Upstairs to Cosmetics store and save Wayne.
Go to Ned's Nicknackery (Sword/Axe pickup store) and save Floyd.
Go to Ladies Space and save Rachel. (Must take Jollie with you.)
[SURVIVOR 28][SECURITY ROOM 14]--->#56 Jollie - in Gramma's Kids (Try to leave.)
[SURVIVOR 29]--->#55 Wayne - in Cosmetics store on 2nd floor, hiding from snipers.
[SURVIVOR 30][CRITICAL 2]--->#58 Floyd - Waiting to die in Ned's Nicknackery.
[SURVIVOR 31][SECURITY ROOM 15]--->#59 Rachel - In Ladies space. (Must have Jollie.)
IMPORTANT: BE SURE you have FOOD for Ronald before you go back. (No food=Mutiny.)
Return to Security Room to drop everyone off.

(18) Go do case 4-2, Girl hunting.
After Isabella leaves head to the Mainenance Tunnels.
[OTIS 26]->Maint Tunnel Intro/Lost key comment.
Return to Leisure Park and wait OUTSIDE the North Plaza door until midnight.
[OTIS 27]->Midnight, Otis calls and tells you to go see Isabella
[OTIS 28]->Midnight, A Strange Group scoop call.
Go inside North Plaza and head toward Isabella's meeting place.
Kindell should be waiting outside her door, pick him up.
[SURVIVOR 32][CRITICAL 3]--->#59 Kindell - Man in the Tux w/ Shotgun.
Go inside, see 5-1 Cutscene.
Return to Security Room with Isabella and Kindell.

(19) Leave Security Room, head to Paradise Plaza.
[OTIS 29]->2am, Floyd has Otis call you for Wine.
Go to Chris's in the Food Court for wine.
Return and wait in the Warehouse.
[OTIS 30]->3am, Otis calls to tell you Isabella is awake.
Return to Security room.

(20) Barnaby Dies cutscene.
Give Floyd his Wine.
If you are going for Transmissionary continue normal cases.
IMPORTANT: STOP doing plot related missions here. (If not going for Transmissionary.)
Let "The Last Resort" time out. (If not going for Transmissionary.) Select "Return to Game".

(21) Go do "A Strange Group".
[PSYCHO 9]-->Kill Sean, Free captives.
[SURVIVOR 33]--->#61 Ray - Sean's Captive.
[SURVIVOR 34]--->#62 Nathan - Sean's Captive.
[SURVIVOR 35]--->#63 Michelle - Sean's Captive.
[SURVIVOR 36]--->#64 Beth - Sean's Captive.
[SURVIVOR 37][CRITICAL 4]--->#65 Cheryl - Sean's Captive.
Return ro the Security Room.

(22) Leave Security Room.
IMPORTANT: Take a 100%PP picture of the Air Duct. (Must be a photo from this playthrough.)
Head to the Food Court.
Find Gil drunk at Chris's
[SURVIVOR 38]--->#66 Gil - Drunk at Chris's. (Talk until he laughs, then leave.)
Wait at Wonderland Plaza entrance until 6am.
[OTIS 31]->5am, Long Haired Punk scoop call.

(23) Enter Wonderland Plaza.
[PSYCHO 10]-->Go defeat Paul.
While Paul is burning, grab a fire extinguisher and put him out.
[SURVIVOR 39][CRITICAL 5]--->#70 Paul - Arsonist (Speak to him to turn him.)
Rescue the women from the closet.
[SURVIVOR 40]--->#71 Mindy - Paul's captive.
[SURVIVOR 41]--->#72 Debbie - Paul's Captive.
[OTIS 32]->8am, Sick Man scoop call.

Head to North Plaza, to the Gun Shop. OPEN BOTH DOORS.
Try to speak to the trio in the shop. When shot at double tap LS (Roll) towards the exit.
Leave. Re-enter and talk to Jonathan. Show him photo of air duct.
[SURVIVOR 42]--->#67 Brett - Survivalist from the Gun store.
[SURVIVOR 43]--->#68 Jonathan - Survivalist from the Gun store.
[SURVIVOR 44]--->#69 Alyssa - Survivalist from the Gun store.
[OTIS 33]->11am, Otis calls saying Isabella wants to see you.
Go to Paradise Plaza.

(24) Wait at Columbian Roastmasters on the second floor until Noon.
IMPORTANT: You *MUST* be there AT NOON or Kent kills Tad.
[PSYCHO 11]-->Kent cutscene, kill Kent.
It's irritating, but you must also answer calls from Otis as soon as the fight starts.
[OTIS 34]->Noon, Kindell's Brtrayal Request call.
[OTIS 35]->Noon, A Woman in Dispair
When Kent is dead, Save Tad.
[SURVIVOR 45]--->#76 Tad - Kent's meat puppet.
Go to Security Room.

(25) Speak to Kindell, avert mutiny. (No talk=Mutiny.)
Head for Paradise Plaza. Turn left and go to Entrance Plaza.Head for Wonderland Plaza.
Get Leroy from the Cosmetics Shop at the south end.
[SURVIVOR 46]--->#73 Leroy - Nasty neck wound.
Get Susan off the Soccer Ball in the south play area.
[SURVIVOR 47]--->#74 Susan - On the Ball
Go from Wonderland to the Food Court to Leisure Park to Paradise Plaza.

(26) Get Simone from the CD Shop. Barnaby MUST be dead for her to come with you.
[SURVIVOR 48][CRITICAL 6]--->#75 Simone - inside the CD Shop "Players".
Go to Security Room.

(27) Go to Paradise Plaza and kill a zombie cop and grab a handgun. Wait until 5pm.
[OTIS 36]->5pm, Paul's Present Request call.
[OTIS 37]->5pm, Otis calls with news about Jessie. (Stop at The Last Resort=YOU MISS THIS!)
[OTIS 38]->7pm, Simone's Gun call.
[OTIS 39]->8pm, Cheryl's Request call.
Return to security room.
Talk to Paul.
Give Simone the handgun.
Take pictures of cheryl.
[SURVIVOR 49]--->Brad counts as a survivor before 7-1.
[SURVIVOR 50]--->Jessie counts as a survivor before 7-1.
[SURVIVOR 51]--->Otis counts as a survivor in at least Ending A and B.
[SURVIVOR 52]--->Ed can count as a Survivor. Ending B only.
[SURVIVOR 53][CRITICAL 7]--->Isabela can count as a Survivor.
Be on the helipad at noon.
ACEs 8s 24I used this guide myself and made a second save at the point where you let case 7-1 run out so i could go back and grab the Transmissionary achievement.
well turns out i didnt need to make a second save. i continued to answer all the calls from OTIS and after the 8pm call about Cheryl's request Transmissionary popped. I received every call except the one at 5pm about Jessie and it still popped.
i dont know if i got lucky but either way great guide
Posted by ACEs 8s 24 on 02 Sep 12 at 16:20
creech42I too just used this guide and let case 7-1 run out and planned on the dual save. However, I also did not have to worry about it since Transmissionary popped once I got the call for Cheryl's request and now I'm just waiting for the helicopter to get Saint.
Posted by creech42 on 29 Dec 12 at 04:11