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The nine dart finish

Score exactly 501 in nine darts

The nine dart finish0
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MR CODMAN1976MR CODMAN1976137,192
17 Feb 2011
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Right i have got this a few times now and you can use this way of playing to get the nine dart finish.All you need to do is this, when holding the LB or RB you will have the target come up on the screen rather than just trying to get it on the brown circle what you need to do is this.While holding the LB or RB the target will come up with two blue circles aim the outer circle just under your target like the treble 20 and rather than just trying to hit the brown bit on the target just pull it all the way back on the right stick until it gets to the end of the target and then forward.With this way of doing it you will nearly always hit what you our aiming for no matter what number you our throwing at.
It may take you a few turns but i got it in my third attempt with this method and the rest of the game was super easy after that.Good luck hope this helped.