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Campaign Completed (Extreme)

Complete campaign mode with any combination of single player and co-op on Extreme difficulty.

Campaign Completed (Extreme)+2.6
4 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty SpecificMultiple Playthroughs Required
17 Feb 2011 11 Apr 2012
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Just wanted to point out in addition to the solution above, for me (a little bit better than an average gamer) the hardest part was the end of the Diamond Mine level where you have to defend your position until the helicopter arrives. An easy way to stay alive was lay down on top of the center building facing the stairs, killing everyone coming up. You will have to revive your partner a couple of times but you`ll be fine!!
OldSchoolBloodI did not see this posted anywhere, but to unlock Extreme you must beat the game once. Completing the game on "Easy", will unlock extreme.
Posted by OldSchoolBlood on 01 Aug 20 at 14:42