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Beat a pro with the assist off

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MR CODMAN1976MR CODMAN1976137,192
23 Feb 2011
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The only way to do this achievement is to go into exhibition mode and set up a 301 game and put on unassist and win against a pro player.he must have a picture of who you our playin or it does not pop.this chievo is a pain in the ass as i played the game for ages and did not get it.i hope this helps
Sr KordaI did it right now at the first try. sorry mate, but didn't seem hard at all!
Posted by Sr Korda on 25 Feb 11 at 01:07
MR CODMAN1976what i mean is i played it in tournament for ages and it did not pop until i found out you have to do it in exhibition mode sorry bud i should of been more clearer.
Posted by MR CODMAN1976 on 25 Feb 11 at 11:32