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Train Trickster

Complete all Hi-Jinks in the Royal Train Station.

Train Trickster0
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26 Feb 2011
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Soliciting – Use Solicitor Barnabas to talk to adult women (10 of them)

Look Both Ways! - Use Crossing Guard ability on dolls (5 of them)

You're IT! - Play Tag with child dolls (5 of them) (this ability belong to the little girls)

A Little Relieved! - Use Hans “Go Potty” ability in the men's bathroom

A Blast From The Past - Flatulate on old dolls (5 of them) (this ability belongs to Meriwether Malodor)

The Black Widow – Seduce 3 adult men at once (this ability belongs to The Widow Chastity)

Patronize – Use the Lounge Host's Insult Patron Ability on dolls(5 of them)

Bathroom Chatterbox - Talk to dolls in both restrooms (any character)

Rule of Law – Deliver Justice to dolls (5 of them) (this ability belongs to Judge Meantal)

An Uninvited Uppercut – Give dolls in the lounge a Proper Uppercut (5 of them) (this ability belongs to the boxer)

Credit for guide goes to iamcloud and video credit goes to youtube user MrShadowsqual.
I thik you will find we created the original guide on release date of the game and you have basically posted the same thing i have posted
Posted on 24 Mar 11 at 08:27
JMJimmyGood except that some dolls change locations after you complete certain objectives.
Posted by JMJimmy on 24 Nov 11 at 01:38
Andy D 32Can you track in-game which ones you have completed already?
Posted by Andy D 32 on 03 May 12 at 08:10