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Destroy 300 Bosses in the Revolution Mode

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Chas HodgesChas Hodges247,282
27 Feb 2011
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A ridiculous achievement. Ignoring the creeping potential of the data-erasing bug that many have experienced (see forums on, this will set you back a good 15-20 hours of tedious play.

The quickest way I can see is starting a new game in Revolution mode, getting through the levels as quickly as possible using power-ups, snagging the bonus stage if going for the 'Bonus Champion' achievement, killing the boss and then losing all your lives at the start of the second wave as the added bricks will make each progressive run take longer. It'll take roughly 3/3.5 minutes for a full run, so that's a minimum of 5, 10 and 15 hours respectively to unlock the 3 boss based achievements.

A couple tips.

-Save your Nukes for either boss stages or bonus stages (whichever achievement you're grinding).
-Using the jump power-up to bypass the stage after hitting the lock-block can shave a few seconds off each run.
-Do not play Classic mode in between games of Revolution as some have suggested this can erase your progress.
JieXYYou don't have to lose all your lives, just go to menus -->quit game-->start a new revolution game.
Posted by JieXY on 16 May 11 at 13:19
HazeMonsterI would advise against quitting out and starting over as I'm pretty sure that's the reason for my progress getting wiped the 2nd time. The first,I'm pretty sure, was from playing classic in between. But the second time, i was grinding it out and quitting after level one and starting over. I checked my progress between each win and after my 48th boss battle it reset back to 0. Just to be safe, lose all lives and let the game register everything.
Posted by HazeMonster on 19 Sep 11 at 16:04
Chas HodgesHazeMonster is right. That's what I was doing.
Posted by Chas Hodges on 19 Sep 11 at 22:37