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Look For Treasure

Earn a Platinum Medal on any level

Look For Treasure0
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27 Feb 2011 16 Feb 2012
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Giving credit to Queegum, this is a variation off of his.

Do the first challenge level on insane difficulty

Timmy (devastating attack)
Jimmy (devastating attack)
Pip (devastating attack)
Kenny (need for more coins)

In the first open spot: Upgraded plasma tower
In the second open spot: Upgraded refrigerator tower
In the third open spot: Upgraded plasma tower
Remaining spots: snow to slow movement for stragglers

Leave the all of the players on the first square so they can work towards their special. You will have no problem on the first couple rounds, but after that I would use one character's special attack per wave to take it out.
You need to pay attention to Kenny and use his special, then use another person's so that you can amass as many coins as possible (they go towards the round end bonus). Be patient so to get through as much of the wave as possible and then use a character's special to finish it. That should do it, very simple and easy with this method.
LSDintensityBest strategy, not to mention the easiest with barely doing anything at all? worked flawless thanks!
Posted by LSDintensity on 14 Mar 11 at 04:43
JungleWookieeWorked perfectly, it is hard to miss it with this strat...
Posted by JungleWookiee on 30 Apr 11 at 00:52
ScorpJnri used this strategy and came just 5k off it on the first try
Posted by ScorpJnr on 18 Jul 11 at 10:44
JACK LAYT0Nthx, got it on first try :D
Posted by JACK LAYT0N on 02 Sep 13 at 17:06
FroZeNSouLFor those still struggling..
-dont let anyone go down
-dont let any enemies escape
-pick up as many if not all coins.
only ones i left were when i didnt have super and were directly under enemies in path.

i kept getting 450k and getting Myrrh medal.
Once i started using a character to go grab single coins, and also used kenny 2x in the match when there was 2 1/2waves one screen (use LB to spawn quicker) then Timmy super to annihilate and pick up allcoins, i was able to get 475k for platinum :)
Posted by FroZeNSouL on 23 May 15 at 01:06