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Kill 53,595 Infected.

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This method only works if you have the Crash Course DLC (and a 2nd controller)

This was the easiest method I found to get the kills quickly without actually having to play or tape down buttons etc... You just have to leave your xbox on for a few hours. Obviously you can also get
Left 4 DeadThe Littlest GenocideThe The Littlest Genocide achievement in Left 4 Dead worth 69 pointsKill 5,359 Infected in the Crash Course campaign.

Load up a versus match on the Crash Course finale, with yourself on the survivors and your second controller infected. Just rush through to the generator section with your main profile. Now you want to practice climbing the generator a few times. You just have to stand under the light bulbs and jump up the pole. Keep jumping until the bulbs/light itself is at eye level.

Once you can confidently climb the generator, turn the power on and get climbing. Your second controller will soon be given control of the tank, ensure you walk it over to the survivors and get killed before you lose control. This will happen once more before the generator dies.

Jump down when it's as clear as possible and re-start the generator, and get climbing again (quickly!). Now the 2nd controller will be given a tank again, this time go and kill the AI survivors, who by this stage should be in the back of the van. Once they are dead just stand the tank near enough to your main profile, so you don't lose control.

Now the horde will just continously spawn and attempt to attack you, if you are positioned correctly ( you may have to play around with this a little bit, dead center seems to be best) they will fall over as they try and climb towards you, although you aren't killing them, they do count towards the achievement. Now just put your controller down and go to sleep or watch TV or whatever (watch the screen for a while just to make sure you aren't being hit). I'd estimate about 6 or 7 hours maximum, it may actually be much much quicker than that.
Dancsi27isn't the player/controller go idle after a few minutes? If that's the case, the "idle" survivor can fall down from the generator pole without you notice to the ground.
Posted by Dancsi27 on 09 Mar 11 at 06:34
LAFTANot sure why, I guess because it's a local game. But you don't go idle...
Posted by LAFTA on 09 Mar 11 at 07:52
Shemp HowardYeah! Hey Lafta good guide! I remember one guy had a video of this guide. It was nice...Let me know if you want me to do a YouTube for you, and give you full credit in the video. For this you definately want to do one of those classic Local Split Screen Games. Then when you get on generator you can even just pause the game if you want, and the infected still die...Good stuff!
Posted by Shemp Howard on 27 May 11 at 20:52
True HeresyHey Shemp, would appreciate the video of this A LOT!
Posted by True Heresy on 10 Jul 11 at 14:52
Honeycut1Every time I start the versus game (on level Crash Course) all the zombies appear as the word "Error" and are in a pink font. Anyone know how to fix that?
Posted by Honeycut1 on 13 Aug 12 at 04:34
Shadow 00 FoxThis is the BEST solution I have read for any game on TA yet.. what a time saver!! This one made me the happiest :-D
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 14 Oct 12 at 03:03
Shadow 00 FoxThis is WAY the best solution, I have no wired or play and charge controllers, both my controllers went idle, I unplugged them actually! Left it on at night.. turned off the TV. This WORKS!! And here's exactly how fast--unless there's something real goofy between different boxes, you should get the number of kills i did--I timed it twice. 4 hours = ~13,000 kills, a little less than 8 hours = 25,500 kills. Just make sure you stay connected to the internet, as I had mine reset once the first time I did this.. took two tries, two nights. :-)
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 15 Oct 12 at 18:41
DemonDuffehthnx for this ive set itall up i just need 13,000 kills so ill finish game off in 3 hoursand see how close i am to finishing ill update if method still works and you get kills by them just falling still later
Posted by DemonDuffeh on 27 Jan 13 at 19:08
DemonDuffehstill works 27/01/13 but wen i first tryed to do this non of the infected would attempt to climb i had to reset the map and get bk up for them to attempt to get me and everyso often i wud lose 2 health prob coz one reached me but it dint happen often finally got this out the way thank you for solution
Posted by DemonDuffeh on 27 Jan 13 at 22:02
Great guide LAFTA, using it at the moment and it works alot better then the NO MERCY Boomer glitch, thanks. toast
Posted on 29 Mar 13 at 14:10
Emzx99No longer works.
Posted by Emzx99 on 14 Aug 13 at 07:04
LAFTAIn what way?
Posted by LAFTA on 16 Aug 13 at 18:59
Sir LumboUp vote - great solution, thank you.

I can confirm that this still works, with all updates, as of 19th December 2013.

My advice:
* I did not kill my team straight away. I waited until I got close to the generator area. This way you can get through the level much easier, and avoid the risk of dying and having to set everything up again.

* When in position above the generator, make sure that the zombies are actually trying to climb up to reach you. I found that moving slightly to the right was the best bet, as when I was dead centre the zombies did not seem to want to climb up.

Overall, I would say this is a very easy and painless way to get the achievement!
Posted by Sir Lumbo on 19 Dec 13 at 09:36
Shadow 00 FoxI've helped multiple other people out by telling them about this solution too... great one...
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 19 Dec 13 at 18:43
Emzx99Zombies can now easily climb the pole to the top, I've tried it in multiple areas, and still they climb up, and attack with ease.
Posted by Emzx99 on 26 Jan 14 at 23:05
Shadow 00 FoxDid they patch it?.... that's annoying!
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 26 Jan 14 at 23:29
Shadow 00 FoxAlthough it could be you just didn't position right.. it's been a long time, but don't you need them climbing the pole so you can melee them?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 26 Jan 14 at 23:30
LAFTASe Sir Lumbo's comment, it still works!

Pretty sure there hasn't been a patch on this game for a long time and this isn't a widespread method. Most people use that safe room/boomer bile method.
Posted by LAFTA on 28 Jan 14 at 21:03
Assassin CorvoGreat guide-Best by far! Still works as of April '15 clap
Posted by Assassin Corvo on 11 Apr 15 at 18:13
LAFTACheers man.
Posted by LAFTA on 12 Apr 15 at 02:15
PunkRawkSoldierThis works like gangbusters. Also, if you spawn as a Boomer after the Tanks, you can get into position and puke on the survivor to draw more Infected in. Just a tip, don't do this in offline system link. I lost 10,000 kills when I had signed back into Live even though I had finished the level. In any case, great guide. This is definitely the fastest way to get the kills.
Posted by PunkRawkSoldier on 13 Aug 15 at 02:58