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Master Thief

Deliver the Artifact untouched despite heavy defense.

Master Thief+0.2
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16 Jun 2009
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Best done in a boosting match. You need to deliver the artifact while there are at least four enemies within ten feet of the extraction point. Oh yeah, you can't take any damage, either.

Best of luck if you're going to try to get this legit; I have yet to see anyone pull it off.
VenkmanJust out of curiosity, can whoever gave this a negative vote tell me why?
Posted by Venkman on 10 Jul 09 at 05:23
CurtiesonIt isn't in is meters on this game... You are better off to have them just stand in the middle of the extraction point though.
Posted by Curtieson on 22 Dec 10 at 17:16
B8TINGU@Curtieson Really? Meters? Lol.. I think in a video game it really doesn't make that much of a difference.. no offense meant though I just thought that was a little funny... and for me at least it didn't work for our group if someone was actually in the Extraction Point.

@KilleddieVedder I think you should just say have them stand right at the line but not over it into the Extraction Point. Still good advice though.
Posted by B8TINGU on 04 Jan 11 at 00:00
TDX069hey can u help me with this
Posted by TDX069 on 24 May 11 at 02:36
Fraggy Muffini was actually in a game when my friend got this legit
Posted by Fraggy Muffin on 04 Sep 15 at 01:29
SniggitI was in a match when this game first came out and someone got it legit. Lol i still do not have it and we were all goin for it on my team that day. Only one of us got it. Not sure about the other team they were in a different chat party.. Smh
Posted by Sniggit on 17 Jul 16 at 19:33