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Head shot 10 enemies in a row during the Story Mode campaign

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02 Mar 2011 02 Mar 2011
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This achievement is easy to do in End of the Road at the part where you go into the base. It has a T-Rex at the front gate (On Multiplayer the level is called Firestorm). Just run past the T-Rex and go through the gate and go to the right where there is ammo and a sniper. Grab the the sniper (if you don't have one already) and go beside the crate nearby. Crouch and scope out ten heads and shoot. You can miss but make sure you get a headshot. If you mess up, reload the checkpoint. If you run out of enemies, go back out through the gate and there should be some leftovers if you didn't kill them already.

In some cases you won't get it because you think you shot them in the head, but it counts as a body shot so just reload and try again. It doesn't take long at all.
WoetteGreat guide, got it the third time trying on that checkpoint. Try to aim as high as you can on the head, sometimes a clear headshot just doesnt count...
Posted by Woette on 19 Feb 12 at 16:27
Auston53Thanks, yeah that one was a little weird.
Posted by Auston53 on 19 Feb 12 at 19:11
SpectreSubZeroWorked great, got it 2nd try
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 18 Jul 12 at 05:32
Wise CognizantAccurate guide. Zooming in with RB Is important. thanks
Posted by Wise Cognizant on 21 Sep 12 at 20:49
GpKprodigyThe best way I found possible was waiting out the T-Rex to leave knocked down what few enemies that were outside grabbed the sniper then ran out back up the hill a bit to a point to where u can zoom in on the enemies heads through the sides of the gate made the line up much easier on a sure shot for the head and they moved less
Posted by GpKprodigy on 28 Sep 16 at 18:32