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Finish the Hall of Fame Induction in Band World Tour

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Codehead UKCodehead UK307,901
16 Jun 2009 01 May 2011
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As Khimarhi says, this is an unlocakble event in Moscow when you reach 450 stars. (As zacattack5000 points out, you need to have a PR firm too.)

It is managable solo. However, the minumum difficulty is medium.
I managed to scrape through playing bass and singing (badly).

Don't chase stars or use overdrive, just concentrate on getting through and keeping your band member's icons high on the bar.

Keep the overdrive gauges full to rescue a band member if they fail. Don't rescue straight away if a band member does fail, you have until the red bar drops to the bottom, so you can make your life a bit easier by skipping over a difficult section and rescuing later.

The hardest song for me was Tom Sawyer, Geddy Lee's vocal sections are short and oddly pitched. Run to the Hills is tricky too, as the bass part is pretty busy and doesn't give you much scope to look at the vocal track.

The other songs are Don't Fear The Reaper, Flirting With Disaster, Won't get Fooled Again, Highway Star and Enter Sandman.

Lastly, once you have completed this, the minimum difficulty for the other gigs drops back to easy, so you can go mop up the location achieves.
arasmaJust a qq, but was it just me that also found wont get fooled again insanely hard? I played solo with expert guitar and medium vocals, and i kept failing on the chorus, u have a similar experience or can i just not sing? :P
Posted by arasma on 20 Jul 09 at 09:28
Codehead UKI didn't find 'Won't get fooled again' too bad. I've played that one a few times, and knew the song pretty well anyway. I doubt I could do it at Expert though. Med on both parts is my limit.
Posted by Codehead UK on 20 Jul 09 at 16:57
Spilnerdo you know if bith signed in players get the band tour achievements or just the leader as i dont want to do these with a friend twice
Posted by Spilner on 09 Aug 09 at 11:43
Codehead UKNot sure, Mrs Codehead's profile doesn't have the achieve. But I can't remember who was signed in when I did it. Can anyone else confirm?
Posted by Codehead UK on 09 Aug 09 at 12:56
SpilnerOk so according to a friend and another forum on RB, all the band tour achievements are obtained by all in the band, thanks for your reply though
Posted by Spilner on 09 Aug 09 at 16:43
Codehead UKGood to know.
Posted by Codehead UK on 09 Aug 09 at 23:13
CSARdiverJust a hint to build up stars while playing "voxtar" - during the tamborine sections say "pop" instead of tapping the mic should be enough to register and net you a few extra points.
Posted by CSARdiver on 18 Jan 10 at 14:44
Codehead UKNice idea, saves me scraping all the spit off my mic from my feeble attempts at beatboxing through the tamborine sections.
Posted by Codehead UK on 18 Jan 10 at 15:52
zacattack5000i cant play in moscow because i need a pr firm. how do i get that?
Posted by zacattack5000 on 11 Jun 10 at 23:28
Codehead UKzac: IIRC, press 'Yellow' and the manager will tell you what you need. There's a setlist to get a PR firm, but I don't remember where it is.
Posted by Codehead UK on 13 Jun 10 at 09:06
CEREAL KILLAH23I am surprised more people don't have this achievement. I did it on my own playing hard guitar and medium vocals. I find guitar easier to play than bass because it seems to fit better with the song, as you know there are more musicians that play guitar and sing than those that play bass and sing.

Good luck everyone.
Posted by CEREAL KILLAH23 on 18 Jul 10 at 16:35
finallife6nothing else matters ? you mean enter sandman ive never unlocked the setlist yet so idk
Posted by finallife6 on 30 Apr 11 at 21:18
Codehead UKLOL, it took 3 years for someone to notice that. Fixed.
Posted by Codehead UK on 01 May 11 at 11:01
talkstogod"Lastly, once you have completed this, the minimum difficulty for the other gigs drops back to easy, so you can go mop up the location achieves." This got me all excited; I went back after not playing for over a year to finish up the "Big In [everywhere]" and I can confirm that no, they don't at all. The medium ones are still medium.

If you correct the solution (and let me know) or let me know via PM what I was doing wrong I'll change this to a + vote.
Posted by talkstogod on 28 Jun 11 at 04:08
troyoyNot every thing drops to easy. Some note pops up that says all difficulties unlocked or something. But there is still tons you have to do on medium. Nice solution though, thumbs up. I played these songs on medium guitar and a friend on medium bass. The bass seemed way harder. Tons of notes packed together. Also everytime I log in a second profile it unlogs my main so I had to go with just a guest helping. And its a fresh HD with no dlc.
Posted by troyoy on 08 May 12 at 15:45
Ivan610I have a PR firm and 460 stars, but than manager says I need more fans. I have 325,000. Anybody know how many are needed?
Posted by Ivan610 on 01 Sep 13 at 16:52
Ivan610ok, You also need 468,000 fans to get the gig.
Posted by Ivan610 on 01 Sep 13 at 16:54