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Blind Behemoth Dossier

Complete Morituri te salutant on Hard without being incapacitated.

Blind Behemoth Dossier+0.1
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Sir StratsavvySir Stratsavvy173,604
08 Mar 2011 26 Feb 2012
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Achievement details:
Description: complete the arena level on hard w/o getting incapacitated
Time to complete: 30 minutes
Achievement difficulty: 6/10

The codes did help, but this is the only non-counter achievement (ie kills headshots etc) that I had to actually try multiple times to get. The two large ape like things before the gladiator were what gave me the most trouble.

What I did was, using squad commands, I placed Black (sniper) on one end of the middle island section and Rawlings (dual pistols) on the other. Switch Black to the grenade launcher and change Rawlings' pistols to the explosive rounds. Draw in the creature to Black then switch to Rawlings. Make sure you switch BEFORE they reach you and when they are lumbering at you. If you are too late one hit incapacitates and you will have to restart. This strategy will kill gladiators especially quickly also and since they are much slower and more predictable the following gladiator should seem very easy when compared to the two ape monsters.

If you feel this solution needs to be edited or have any tips ud like to add feel free to comment or PM I have no problems making my solutions better for the TA community's benefit.
lord verhBlack is alpha squad to the left and has a sniper rifle, ghost bullet ability and the grenade launcher. Wilhelmina 'Billie' Church on the other hand is the hot looking girl with katana in left hand and sub machine gun in the right. Deploys blood-magic. Rawlings is indeed the dual pistols employing Jericho member. And you're right about the 'switching in time stuff'. Change the name and I'll change from a neg vote to a pos vote
Posted by lord verh on 25 Feb 12 at 22:19
Lockerdown3Yea... this one's silly, probably the hardest of the lot in my opinion, and the Sumerian lvls took a couple attempts..
Posted by Lockerdown3 on 24 Sep 12 at 03:54
This was a pain. Great solution. I would like to add that if you circle the two bridges to the right at the very start makes things easy with the two apes. I used black and barely even shot. My teammates did most of the shooting. Once they were close to me, I just kept going from bridge to bridge. Spot on with the stratergy killing the big guy at the end. TKS !!
Posted on 15 Apr 13 at 13:17
Sir Stratsavvyglad this solution is still able to help people! toast
Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 15 Apr 13 at 18:00
EmG v SprayZzCheers mate! +1
Posted by EmG v SprayZz on 07 Nov 14 at 13:36
HAL9000SparkI put Alpha squad on one side o.f the chasm and Omega on the other as far from the closes bridge as possible for each. Then you switch between Alpha and Omega squads as the apes or Gladiator get to the side of the bridge you are on. Once switched, do NOT fire until the target gets close to the squad you just left. Then fire away. Keep a good distance from the squad you are in. The target will focus on you and begin to return to your side. Rinse and repeat. Takes a while, but very easy. Squad command and setup is the hardest.
Posted by HAL9000Spark on 23 May 15 at 20:52