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Acquire your first crafting recipe.

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08 Mar 2011
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As Wor said, though I found it quicker to get my first recipe by talking to Lady Elegant in the Lowtown area upon entering. She will be to your right. Go through a quick conversation with her, discussing your year of service to who ever you chose (I sided with the Smugglers) and then she'll hand over a recipe
Lord RetroI got mine from a Dwarf (can't remember his name but it started with a W) in the very first area right after you meet the crossbow dwarf. I think you need to be an ex-smuggler though as it was brought up in the conversation
Posted by Lord Retro on 09 Mar 11 at 19:43
Tho RadiaI dont think it matters, my Girlfriend chose the Merc's and she still got it off of the Dwarf (His name is 'Worthy' by the way)
Posted by Tho Radia on 28 Mar 11 at 12:59