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Successfully enchant one item 5 times

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09 Mar 2011
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A fairly simple achievement, that will require you have a small amount of money (about 10,000 gold tops).

When in town, find the NPC with a rod and a spiral above his head. Talk to him, and then choose a piece of equipment that you want to enchant (essentially, upgrading). Do this 5 times in a row to just one piece of equipment (not across 5 items, just on one). The achievement should unlock as soon as you put through the 5th enchantment.
planting42Just a note that sockets count as enchantments. The enchant an item 10 times unlocked when I added a second socket to a set of boots.
Posted by planting42 on 23 Jul 11 at 19:55
OvapositorDoes getting an enchantment removed break the count? I feel like I've gotten 5 successful enchantments on a weapon, but a bunch of attempts where nothing happened and one where they all got removed.
Posted by Ovapositor on 26 Mar 19 at 19:38
RagnarokSOTUThis also works by enchanting the same equipment piece at the Shrine of Enchantment shrines found throughout the game. I enchanted one piece seven times, with two failures in between, and unlocked the achievement for enhancing an item 5 times. I expect this will also work for enchanting the item 10 times.
Posted by RagnarokSOTU on 03 Jun at 22:25