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Is It a Spider

Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with grenade tag

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10 Mar 2011 08 Mar 2012
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For this achievement you have to tag one person at a time.
(In Ranked Matches) Splash damage kills will show up on leaderboard but do not count towards the achievement. Even tho on the bottom left, it will look like you got more grenade kills. Remember it must be a tag kill.
Solario32Confirmed that you have to tag 1 person at a time. You won't get multiple kills off 1 tag. Thank you for the solution.
Posted by Solario32 on 14 Sep 11 at 15:24
Ant Redfield xBest Location for doing this The Warehouse (after riding the junker), Act 4 (I Think) When the stranded survivor falls through the wooden floor boards, fall down aswell, you will now be attacked by lambent wretches. Pick one side of the room and run up and down it, once you have multiple wretches in a close bunch trying to get you that's when you should make the tag, the explosion from one will have a knock on effect to the next wretch, there is no way to tell if you were successful but hearing lots of explosions when you have died can be an indicator for success.

Key 1: Save your grenades from the previous chapter don't use them. There are no grenades when you get to the wooden floorboards.
Key 2: You will most likely die with each attempt that is OK the explosion is too overbearing for Marcus, just reload checkpoint and repeat till Achieve pops
Posted by Ant Redfield x on 20 Jan 12 at 20:08
x FeverEh? It says in ranked matches.
Posted by x Fever on 29 Feb 12 at 19:09
SpaceMnkeyNot sure if troll or stupid.
Posted by SpaceMnkey on 11 Apr 12 at 13:54
Connolly800Thanks. Genuinely wasn't sure if splash kills counted but this confirms they don't. +1 for me.
Posted by Connolly800 on 13 Aug 15 at 22:32
Incredible MattI dont know guys if it was updated sometime after 2014, but the multiple kills with a grenade tag counted for me as well as for another person in the session, check my solution below.
Posted by Incredible Matt on 09 Mar at 22:11