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Defeat Alric

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14 Mar 2011 21 Apr 2011
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You will meet Alric for your final fight on the 34th floor which will take you roughly 6 hours to reach. The achievement though does not actually pop though untill you reach the 35th floor unlike every other boss fight.

As for actually defeating him, he is no harder than any other boss previously faced. He loses health pretty easy with a strong enough weapon and like most bosses if you have a attachment on anything that allows you to draw health on hitting an enemy you should only need 2 or so potions at worst.
RJ LCSWIt's kinda weird that they give you a cheevo for this rather than beating the last boss..
Posted by RJ LCSW on 16 Mar 11 at 12:38
KennansoftI thought that too... But I suppose it is good because compared to the last boss Alric is a breeze
Posted by Kennansoft on 16 Mar 11 at 20:39
FishyOutOfWaterAny suggestions on how to beat the very last boss? Im a mage, having a bit of trouble...
Posted by FishyOutOfWater on 30 Mar 11 at 17:49
KennansoftLook, I just spammed the guy and kept an eye on my potions... I'm pretty sure I died 3 times but if you select begin at the start of the floor or something along those lines his health should be at the same level it was when you died so keep doing it till he hits the deck...
Posted by Kennansoft on 30 Mar 11 at 20:21
neeker75Alric is a piece of cake, but agreed that the last boss is tough. I find that putting the pet on aggressive actually helps a bit. Just remember to watch his health constantly, and heal him when the narrator says "your pet is fleeing". Never died once.
Posted by neeker75 on 14 Apr 11 at 03:15
SGT ImpalerIf you get a chance to find one, adding the spell Heal Self or Heal All to your pet is a decent idea. That way, s/he can manage their own health and stay in the fight longer. I used to use Draining Touch on the pet since it tended to be a melee fighter anyway (much more so than my Alchemist) but its up to your preference.
Posted by SGT Impaler on 20 Apr 11 at 15:45
Subliminal CutsI'm on floor 31 and it says pursue Alfric deeper, how do I go down that well type thing?
Posted by Subliminal Cuts on 20 Mar 12 at 22:42
Subliminal CutsNM the exit was further down, still don't know why the well had an icon next to it though
Posted by Subliminal Cuts on 21 Mar 12 at 16:30
LAFTAMaybe a fishing point Subliminal?
Posted by LAFTA on 12 Dec 12 at 00:05
BellatrixzThe last boss was tough, i barely used my potions throughout the game but had to chug them pretty fast to beat him. Alric was super easy
Posted by Bellatrixz on 25 Oct 19 at 06:03