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Dressed for Success

Unlocked all the outfits for every hero.

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16 Mar 2011 17 Jul 2012
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You can get the "Dressed for Success" achievement in seconds! Even if it glitched on you!

a rabid fuzzle and GimmeDLC1 have great guides and please, use them. But if you are in the group where you are stuck at 1205 because this glitchy achievement glitched on you, then this guide is for you.

I stumbled upon this on accident and was floored when the guy I was playing with locally got this achievement when he shouldn't have. I didn't know if it was a fluke so I tried it on an alternate account and it's no fluke, you can get this glitchy achievement even if it has glitched on you! If you look at my alternate gamertag: can see it as my one and only achievement in this game unlocked on 03/16/2011.

First of all, this is a website for helping people out with achievements, and knowing how glitchy this achievement has been for people I'm very pleased to have been able to share this with people. If you have objections about this method, keep them to yourselves as all I'm trying to do is help people who thought that they were screwed.


What you will need is:

-2 controllers
-2 gamertags on the same console (one with a save that has every costume unlocked on it)

Here are the steps that you need to do:

-Have the gamertag with the "Dressed for Success" save log in as player 1 (P1) from the dashboard
-Have the gamertag which needs "Dressed for Success" log in as player 2 (P2) from the dashboard
-Launch the game from the dashboard
-On the "Press Start To Begin" screen have P1 press start
-Select the storage device on which the game is saved
-Load the game with all costumes unlocked
-Once in the game, P2 press start and choose "Cooperative"
-P2 goes to the pod and select "Save"
-You'll notice this brings up P1's saves. P2 saves on a new save file
-P1 pause and select "Quit to main menu"
-On the main menu, P1 press "B" to return to the "Press Start To Begin" screen
-On the "Press Start To Begin" screen P2 press start
-Achievement unlocked!!


I'm not sure if all of these steps are absolutely necessary, but I've done the above twice and it works. I haven't tried this online but I can't imagine it working so I think this is a method that only works locally. If anybody can get it to work online I'd love your input.

Disclaimer- there are ways that you can get your gamertag on somebody else's Xbox that are in compliance with the TOS (such as bringing a memory unit to a friend's house) and there are ways that are against the TOS of which I won't explain. And unless you live next door to me and have a memory card, don't ask me to help you, no offense! Do what you have to do but take care of your personal information guys!

I know how many people are stuck at 1205 and knowing that this is a site about achievements I figured those stuck would appreciate me posting this. Good luck guys!

This is a flawless and idiot proof solution. Why are idiots giving it a negative? I uncovered an idiot proof solution to 5+ year long glitched achievement. You try to help out the community and net nerds anonymously trash it.
VANIER SHANKThis will also get you all of the DLC costume achievements provided that the original save file has earned them legitimately.
Posted by VANIER SHANK on 15 Jun 11 at 19:13
madmankevinI did not know that, thanks for that addition Vanier Shank!
Posted by madmankevin on 15 Jun 11 at 20:21
sliceasaurusTo do it this way you would need to give your gamertag and password to someone else right? I'm not! Lol
Posted by sliceasaurus on 18 Dec 11 at 01:20
JasonXmurderOi. This is awesome but not knowing anyone with the achievement or even the game, is a sharp pain in the side. =/
Posted by JasonXmurder on 06 Jan 12 at 16:23
sliceasaurusI got a boost save that I think is glitched. Ice man is equipped #4 but it says locked. Can I just star a new normal game and unlock the few characters left? Most have all 4 unlocked.
Posted by sliceasaurus on 09 Jan 12 at 03:49
madmankevinThere is a ton of info on that online elsewhere. Basically, you'll need to load an older game where that isn't locked. Being locked right now when it was available is a glitch and the only way around it is with a new playthrough or loading a previous save.
Posted by madmankevin on 09 Jan 12 at 04:12
LBCeroyI just used your guide and I couldn't thank you more. I had to play through on my second account and got this achievement. Nick fury's third costume kept locking so I had my main account logged in and got the costume for fury on my second account. I backed out of the training sim and joined in with my main account and saved. Then i quit to main menu back to the press start screen and started with this account and got the cheev. This cheev was such a hassle and I am glad to be done with it thanks again.
Posted by LBCeroy on 17 Jul 12 at 09:51
madmankevinThanks! I wanted to edit this guide to add a very important point but your response covers it perfectly: if you don't have access to a second account with all of the costumes unlocked, you can always create one and play through the game again unlocking them all and then using the above guide. Granted, it's not a quick solution, but it's a solution none the less.

Thanks for your addition!
Posted by madmankevin on 17 Jul 12 at 22:39
LBCeroyYeah luckily I have a second account that I didn't mind doing this game again with so it's kind of a win win but man I can't stress it enough to those other people that have this acveivement glitched for them that this works great. Good find.
Posted by LBCeroy on 17 Jul 12 at 23:03
Posted by madmankevin on 18 Jul 12 at 00:22
GoGroI have a major problem, was wondering if you could help me with. i bought the DLC for this game while it was still on the marketplace, but when I bought a new xbox elite you have to transfer your licences and download the DLC again once that is done, is there anyway to activate it or am I basically screwed by microsoft once again?
Posted by GoGro on 05 Oct 12 at 10:37
madmankevinI'm not sure I follow. You did the license transfer but you can't access the dlc? If so, did you go to download history under your profile and redownload the content to play it?
Posted by madmankevin on 06 Oct 12 at 02:21
madmankevinI have no idea. All I know is that this game's achievements are a mess all around. I wouldn't recommend using this guide to make the game easier, but it's nice if this achievement glitches on you in the end.
Posted by madmankevin on 06 Jan 13 at 17:30
sspeakeasyWhere do I find someone that I can get to do this with me?
Posted by sspeakeasy on 25 Jul 13 at 23:02
DJB HustlinThanks for your suggestion, asked a friend who luckily had the achievement if he could bring his save over my place to help me and voila it worked flawlessly. Shame though that i couldn't get the date tag on it though
Posted by DJB Hustlin on 01 Feb 14 at 05:39
madmankevinThere's no reason why you can't get the time stamp on it HUstlinonradio. Everybody I helped was done online and they all got the time stamp no problem.
Posted by madmankevin on 01 Feb 14 at 09:30
poochz0rzAlthough apparently what you're posting about is fair game, maybe some people don't like that it involves the methodology that it does. It doesn't really take much effort at all, which might make some people uneasy. Two downvotes (unless some were taken back, though I'm not sure if that's possible) is hardly anything to complain about, nor is that enough to call it "trashing" you. Calling people idiots and net nerds is hardly the way to counter it. It's only gonna get you more negatives just for being hostile. On one hand, you're helping people who have tried to obtain it and can't, but on the other, some people will go straight to this guide without even trying. I can see that not being 100% approved of. Just a possible explanation.
Posted by poochz0rz on 08 Oct 14 at 19:35
jupiterzx2THANK YOU. I started this game four years ago, but put in the code to unlock all costumes before I unlocked any of the extra playable characters, and it apparently kept me from being able to pop this achievement. Finally got it tonight.
Posted by jupiterzx2 on 05 Apr 15 at 01:10
A Navy of DucksHuge shot in dark but does anyone have a spare account with the achievement that I could borrow to get it?
Posted by A Navy of Ducks on 14 Jan 16 at 00:52
Dan vasNormandyThumbs up from me!
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 24 Jul 16 at 16:41