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16 Mar 2011 04 Apr 2011
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The absolute best method would be to have 2 boxes and another person with 2 as well. That way you wont have to switch sides, you and your partner can cap the whole match while the 2 dummy accounts nuetralize. You should be getting over 3,000 exp a match and if you get 1 extra person on your team you could hit 4,000 fairly easy as long as by the end of the game your over the 570-580 point mark. Not only are you doubling the exp you would get if you were to do it with 8 individuals, but you are also saving yourself from alot of frustration and confusion dealing with so many people.

Gametype: Armored Front

Map: Meltdown

Players: 4-5 works nicely (2 ppl should be running 2 boxes) if you can get 3 people with 2 boxes thats even better.
EggBigotI have two copys and looking for someone to do the double boxing. It is the best way. Just send me a friends request, and a message.
Posted by EggBigot on 19 May 11 at 20:36
PHT999how long does it take with this method?
Posted by PHT999 on 17 Jul 11 at 22:36
DOBOYX2Well to be honest, I did about 300k with all real players at first. Once that became an issue I took up this method and continued boosting from there. So it took me longer than it would have if I would have did the doubles method from the get go. However, if you do exactly as I said and are able to get about 4k a match, which is 15 minutes I believe. That would mean you could pull in 16k an hour depending on lobbies of course. I did the math and it would take about 62 1/2 hours to get the 1,000,000 EXP. So just add a little more on to that time due to lobbie situations and your probably looking at 65 or so hours with the double method. This is obviously still alot and very, very BORING, but WAY better than the alternative, which will take close to 200 hours give or take.
Posted by DOBOYX2 on 19 Jul 11 at 15:22
xAcCeSs DeNiEdI have two boxes, message me if you want to boost.
Posted by xAcCeSs DeNiEd on 11 Jun 14 at 14:54
BFMV JayI might not have controllers or a 2nd Xbox, but I was looking to see if I can take the place of one of the dummy accounts. I'm not new to boosting on here so I wouldn't slow you down.
Posted by BFMV Jay on 10 Jul 14 at 15:02
m4rc4nt0nyBy far the best method. Are getting between 550-730 per game depending on how many of us they are the lowest being two people (four xboxes) with a good team of dedicated boosters we are getting over 100k per day before tiredness creeps in
Posted by m4rc4nt0ny on 11 Jul 14 at 04:52
DoodlerLooking for someone to dual xbox with, I have two and want to knock this achievement out. Message me on here or XBL
Posted by Doodler on 22 Apr 15 at 11:34
vegansoundHi DOBOYX2 (and everyone),

I didn't understand this solution. Can anyone please detail it more, step by step?

It's said that 2 persons need 2 consoles each. But what if we're 3 people, 2 with 1 console and 1 with 2? Sounds the same, no?

Thanks for your reply.
Posted by vegansound on 23 Jul 15 at 18:27
Living Legendsno, the person on the other team will not get the points for capping as you and the second player on your team is capturing the flag
Posted by Living Legends on 14 Oct 15 at 20:22
ZogiasI'm looking for someone to dual box this with as well. Send me a message here or preferably Xbox Live and let's kick this out!
Posted by Zogias on 23 Oct 15 at 22:56