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Mission 64 Strategy~

Despite numerous guides that say it is a must to have capped weapons and accessories for 5 stars, that is not the case.

The fight is very straight up. Here's my strategy that beat it in less time than the ps3trophies guide with capped gear (which is an extremely helpful guide, I'm not knocking it. I just didn't think I would need to spend countless hours farming Gil to cap gear in order to 5 star this fight) with no capped gear, 2 third tier weapons (uncapped), 1 second tier weapon (uncapped) and average accessories (uncapped). However, Lightning did have Sprint Shoes/Aurora Scarf which is very helpful in the opening of the fight.

This fight pretty much boils down to what you do with the down time when the boss is immune (Impenetrable Aura).

My set up:

Paradigms in my order configuration:
Countermeasure (SAB/SEN/SAB) *Default Paradigm
Tireless Charge (COM/COM/MED)
Tortoise (SEN/SEN/SEN)
Rapid Growth (SYN/SYN/SYN)
Salvation (MED/MED/MED) Didn't use it but good in case of emergency
Combat Clinic (MED/SEN/MED) *Main healing Paradigm

***Special note: When you are in Tireless Charge, click Abilities > Attack and spam it. If you auto attack, Lightning will spam Ruin which will do less overall damage than physical attack.

Go into the fight with at least 4TP, it doesn't hurt to Renew if needs be to conserve time.

Open the fight in Countermeasure, stay in this Paradigm until Poison lands which Lightning (you) will be spamming. Once it lands switch to Tireless Charge, do not switch to anything else (Hope can heal through Wind Shear and Putrescence) until the boss is in Impenetrable Aura (immune and self healing) > switch to Rapid Growth to keep buffs freshed > back to Countermeasure and start spamming Poison again. While you are doing that, Hope automatically erases all the buffs the boss cast on himself once he is out of Impenetrable Aura.

Just repeat this strategy until he starts casting Wicked Whirl. At this point, keep doing what you have been and just add in Tortoise before he casts Wicked Whirl and immediately switch to Combat Combat Clinic for health and switch back to Tireless Charge until he goes into Impenetrable Aura and just repeat the cycle from there on by buffing yourself, debuffing the boss and so on...

The boss is very predictable, just absolutely make certain that Poison is active at all times. Target time was just over 17 mins, my battle duration was 9 mins 23 secs.

Once you get the hang of it, it's fairly simple. I will also add that all my roles are capped. I think that capped roles and timing (how you react/switch Paradigms) are more of an importance in this fight than capped gear, as the weaker your gear is, the more time you are allotted to 5 star the mission. And yes...Make sure one of your chars has the Gold Watch equipped.

Good luck.
The SilvatungIf you summon and enter gestalt mode while poison is on the boss, he wont cast his aura until you're done with the summon. You can use that to get a free 20-33% damage on it and get a free restore to your party.
Posted by The Silvatung on 21 Jan 12 at 17:52
EarthboundXVery helpful, took me three tries.

On the third try I changed Lightning to RAV in Tireless Charge, so I could get the chain up more, and Fang could do more damage with COM
Posted by EarthboundX on 07 Jul 15 at 04:05