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Finish an online level with the help of 3 other players.

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23 Mar 2011 24 Mar 2011
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Just go to xbox live and either search for a game or make one... wait till room is full, when the room is full and the game loads up if everyone is ready... just complete 1 level...

i suggest to start from the beginning... since those are the most easy and fastest cleared levels...
TheOceanic815nice guide, wrong achievement
Posted by TheOceanic815 on 24 Mar 11 at 04:25
NeoSm0k3i'll edit this one for this achievement. thanks for noticing m8...
Posted by NeoSm0k3 on 24 Mar 11 at 04:31
IveABrownThumbWish it was still this easy but nobody is ever playing this online, looks like its boosting session time
Posted by IveABrownThumb on 15 May 12 at 21:15
LavindatharPlus suggest level 4, as its the shortest.
Posted by Lavindathar on 28 May 12 at 08:19
wBRYCan you play online with 2 people on the same Xbox?
Posted by wBRY on 25 Mar 13 at 12:15
John HanniganIf anybody is still wanting to get this achievement, I am hosting a gaming session to try and get this achievement. Just send me an invite over TrueAchievement or add me as a friend over xbox live with the message saying your up for the challenge to get the achievement
Posted by John Hannigan on 15 Apr 14 at 18:49
MrEscience3000I've got 3 people ready to get this achievement, we just need one more to boost! Add me here or on Xbox GT: MrEscience3000
Posted by MrEscience3000 on 13 Aug 16 at 17:26
Calilos89Any ppl wanna boost this achievement with me that would be awesome hit me up please!!
Posted by Calilos89 on 30 Nov 16 at 20:43
UnjointedZeus68I have a session up!
Posted by UnjointedZeus68 on 29 Dec 16 at 20:27
Brett Evans15I got one more achievement left is full house. I need to get all achievements on Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime. I need three people to do it for me. Add me. Thanks.
Posted by Brett Evans15 on 06 Aug 18 at 21:55
Brett Evans15I was pretty hard to find three other friends because I got one more achievement left still is Full House. Please help me this achievement. Thanks. Xbox GT: Brett Evans15
Posted by Brett Evans15 on 30 Sep 18 at 00:46
RapidGlitch89Hi I am looking to get this achievement downloaded this a while ago and needing this last one. Gamertag RapidGlitch89 if you're interested
Posted by RapidGlitch89 on 19 Dec 18 at 00:07
Brett Evans15Last in 3 months on November 21, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. Finally, I got the last Achievement is Full House. Thanks a lot for you guys!
Thanks to 3 others friends:
Brett Evans15
Posted by Brett Evans15 on 03 Mar 19 at 03:12
gamerfrlifeCan anyone help me with this achevo please iam from the uk
Posted by gamerfrlife on 11 Oct 19 at 19:28
Earth DjinnAnyone reading this, feel free to message me if you're going for this.

GT - Earth Djinn
Posted by Earth Djinn on 10 Jan 20 at 01:56
Delta CobraLooking to get this done.

GT : Delta Cobra
Posted by Delta Cobra on 09 Mar at 14:20
Delta CobraMe and Earth Djinn are looking for one more. I got 2 xbox with the game so we have 3.
Posted by Delta Cobra on 28 Mar at 23:23