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Magic: The Puzzling

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Magic: The Puzzling0
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Selian BladeSelian Blade214,570
20 Jun 2009 21 Jun 2009
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I'll be up dating this till I beat everyone. Let me know if you have a method better or with someone I havent beaten.

To Defeat 1 - Garruk

Play both of your Agelic Blessing's on your Skyhunter Skirmisher.
Proceed to attack with everthing.
Your a winner.

To Defeat 2 - Elspeth

Play your Threatened on Her Soul Warden.
This will give you the 1 health when you cast your Raging Goblin.
Then Proceed to attack with all three of your creatures.
Victory is yours.

To Defeat 3 - Garruk

Use Elivsh Piper's ability and bring Roughshod Mentor to the feild.
Proceed to atack phase and have all three attack.
Pause with X when the opponent sets up blockers.
Whom ever he is blocking with a 2/2 Creature, put all of your Giant Growths on.
The Trample effect from Roughshod and the plus nine Powere will kill him.
You win X3.

To Defeat 4 - Chandra

Cast Megrim.
Cast Ravenous Rats.
Attack with everyone.
Easiest win.

To Defeat 7 - Nissa.

Play Terror and Destroy her Elvish Champion.
Proceed to attack and use everyone.
Once the phase begins, pause time with X and use Flameblast Dragon's special ability to destroy your own Sprouting Thrinax.
This will create more creatures of the same type, using her artifact to your favor.
You Win.
Divine Shadow XChallenge 8

Play Rip-Clan Crusher and Pariah on the Platinum Angel attack with Rip-Clan Crusher, Mistmeadow Skulk and Knight of the Skyward Eye.

Liliana will activate Royal Assassin targeting the Knight which deals 3 to Liliana putting her at 6. On your next main phase Play Wooly Thoctar and activate Brion Stoutarm targeting yourself.

This is important! Remember the Pariah? The 5 damage that your dealing to yourself will now be enought to kill the angel.

Now use your 2 Incinerates on Liliana

Congrats. You just Won.
Posted by Divine Shadow X on 22 Jun 09 at 18:53
EclecticBoogaluFor #8 this is not how it plays out for me. It is the same result, I just wanted to complain about how dumb the computer is sometimes.

She does not use the assassin on any of my attackers. She blocks with her rats, taking 3 damage when she could reduce it down to 1 with her assassin. She then wastes the assassins ability killing Brion Stoutarm after he uses his ability.

This challange annoyed me because if she played correctly it would be unbeatable.
Posted by EclecticBoogalu on 07 Dec 09 at 13:11
JMJimmy#3 does not work at all.
Posted by JMJimmy on 27 Nov 10 at 18:18
SUZZA2014Thank you sooooo much! #3 worked great for me and taught me to do something I didn't know I could do! :-)
Posted by SUZZA2014 on 27 Aug 11 at 06:46