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Cluster Bomb

Kill 3 enemies at once using explosives with at least 6 players present

Cluster Bomb0
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25 Mar 2011 08 Apr 2011
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do total conquest on kill house choose c4 and grenades go to either A or B spawn point ( alfa team=easiest) and suppress the other team at (B) once you keep them in their spawn and their tryin to push you out place c4 get sum 1 on ur team to put 1 down for you aswell wait for other team to leave rooms into the corridor/hallway and then throw a grenade for maximum impact if you dont do it the first time rinse n repeat untill you do legit way with out boosting
this also adds up for other achievmos

if boosting you can get this while going for the ace of spades simply get your 5 ppl to stand together and throw grenade/plant c4
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