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Blaster Master 500

Destroy 500 air-based enemies!

Blaster Master 5000
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Sindarin EagleSindarin Eagle59,114
26 Mar 2011 26 Mar 2011
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The solution at provides a good hint, and full credit to Sajaa and litepink for that. However, it's a little short on detail and there are some improvements to make this easier.

You can get this achievement "naturally" by just getting far enough in the game. However, expect to have to get farther than the second Andor Genesis, starting from the beginning of the game, to do this. This is going to be quite a challenge for many players.

The best way to make this easier is to kill as many air enemies in the very first stage as possible. The ground enemies in the first stage are very passive and can normally be ignored completely. You might get a single shot fired from the ground in the first part of the first stage, and usually not even that. Therefore, the basic tactic is to kill air enemies, ignoring everything on the ground, until just before the checkpoint, kill yourself, and repeat until you're down to your last life. Then play through the game as far as possible and hope that's enough.

Two key ways to make this easier: First, go into the game options and change the extra life option to 10,000 and every 40,000. This does not affect the achievements, only eligibility for leaderboards. Second, there is a Sol Citadel just before the checkpoint, which you can reveal each time for a significant number of points. Even if you only reveal it and don't destroy it, this will be enough points to earn you an extra life while still on the first level, giving you four runs through the first level instead of three. Look at the image at:

Be sure that you kill yourself at that citadel or just after. If you get past the jeeps, you've gone too far and you'll restart on the second level. Other guides say that the checkpoint is the second river, but you'll hit the checkpoint just before the second river appears at the very top of the screen.

Other guides say to try to collect special flags to extend your playthrough. I wouldn't bother. The difficulty of air enemies is going to be fairly high given how many you're killing, and Special Flags are extremely difficult to locate, so you'll probably just get yourself killed. You'll also miss a bunch of air enemies while you're concentrating on getting the Special Flag. Just focus on killing air enemies, bomb things when they'll otherwise kill you or when there are no air enemies, and practice so that you can get as far as you can. Don't panic if you mess up and pass the checkpoint on your third time through the first level; I did that and still unlocked this achievement by getting to level 9 in that playthrough.

The air enemies come in a well-defined order, which you can use to guess at how far you've gotten towards killing 500 (since they increase in difficulty as you kill more enemies). See:

for the list of air enemies and their pictures. The rough order in which they'll appear is (from memory; leave a comment and I'll fix if I misremembered some of the order):

1. Toroids
2. Torkan
3. Toroids that shoot
4. More Torkan
5. Gido Spario
6. Zoshi
7. Jara
8. Zakato that move in straight lines
9. Jara and Torkan together
10. Zakato that move at angles
11. Kapi
12. Terrazi

What this means is that once Tarrazi start showing up, you're almost there. If you haven't seen any Terrazi, you've probably not killed enough air enemies to have a shot at this achievement. (Note that the air enemies near an Andor Genesis, and at a few other places in the game, are fixed and won't vary by how many enemies you've killed.) Enemies will drop back a few levels of difficulty when you die.

It's okay to die a bit into the level as long as you didn't hit the checkpoint; you'll get another pass at the air enemies with a lower difficulty, which can be great. Just try not to die on the levels with the spinning indestructible shields, since they have very few air enemies.

One final hint: when you get swarmed by Gido Spario (the fast-moving bullets that angle across the screen), try to stay in the center of the screen, since they're one of the best opportunities for racking up lots of kills but you'll miss them all if you let them push you up the sides of the screen away from them. Also, except when killing groups of Toroids or Jara, don't shoot too fast. You can only have three bullets on the screen at once, and you'll miss a bunch of air enemies if you expend them all into empty space.
PynnokyrDude thumbs WAAAAAY up for this guide! This is the kind of guide i have been looking for. This achievement has cursed me for the last year or so. Just wanted to throw a couple of things out there that helped me on my successful run besides following everything here in the guide. I first went and changed the button for the bomb to rt. This way if i happened to have the guide over anything i could bomb i could without not shooting the aerial enemies. More points the better in my opinion when it comes down to getting more lives and making the achievement even easier. My successful run also had me only dying once for the first sol citadel. I would have done more times but i knew i had missed the checkpoint. Lastly besides the obvious only bombing when you have an opportunity and not sacrificing air enemies for bombing, try to shoot for getting 120k to get that last life. That last life in my opinion is key to getting this. Oh and huge emphasis on knowing your close when the terazzi show up. Awesome guide and if i could give even more positive feedback i would! Just thought maybe these few pointers or suggestions could be a big help for someone cuz that was the goal i gave myself getting to 120k.
Posted by Pynnokyr on 29 Apr 11 at 06:04
Sindarin EagleThank you! I'm very glad it helped! And that's a great tip about changing the bomb button. I had never thought of that.

On my playthrough when I got this achievement, I scored just over 100k (and got just to the second Andor Genesis), so you don't have to get to 120k and the additional life to get it, but it will certainly make it easier and more likely.
Posted by Sindarin Eagle on 29 Apr 11 at 16:25
PynnokyrYou should give it a try just for the heck of it it makes things alot easier and the 120k was just a goal. Figured it might give a decent bar for myself I scored 100k multiple times myself but I was also bombing stuff so that 20k may have been from that.
Posted by Pynnokyr on 29 Apr 11 at 18:27
Just a tip, I wouldn't lose all of my lives on stage 1...leave like 1 or 2 in hand left (after the 10k) and you should be good if you get to level 7-8ish
Posted on 25 Jan 12 at 20:16
MattiasAndersonFinally got it and at the same time the 100k achievement. Great advice above and great guide. Must say that the setting to bomb with RT in my case really helped too.

But one advice i would like to share is that I Think it is VERY important that you dont die when the flying Gido Spario shows up. Because they show up in such a big amount and are easy to kill if you stay in the middle of the screen. The timing of when they show up also help. Sometimes they show up at a bad time. Thats unlucky!

So when they show up in the beginning if it is at the checkpoint I DONT die to restart because i want this whole swarm to continue.

When i managed to get this achievement i only died once at the beginning just Before the checkpoint Before passing the citadel.

I missed the extra Life at the river but i actually got Another one later. (Wich i would not have needed unless the last 10 flyers or so were needed to reach the 500 limit).

I died my second last Life when i had just reached 100k. Then i got swarmed by black bullets and died very quickly straight after.

Great guide and many thanks to all the advice above.
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 15 Oct 13 at 17:01
MrGompersIn case anyone is wondering. The achievement unlocks after the game is over.
Posted by MrGompers on 24 Aug 14 at 15:04
greenxbperfect solution smile thumbs up
Posted by greenxb on 21 Jul 17 at 10:39